Friday, March 23, 2012

"The Sunshine Award"

Today I received a "Sunshine Award" from Heather who blogs "Random Interruptions" Have you ever had just the worst day, and you signed into your blog to read another blog that just brought a little sunshine your way? OR what about a blog that took you back to a time to reminisce of a past time or event? Over the last week, that has happened to me, and left me with "WOW I needed that today!" That to me is The Sunshine Award! And I am giving it to all of those who have followed me! At one time or another I have read your blogs this week and you have brought a little burst of Sunshine my way! Siv at Been There, Done That, this week her blog post on the mythical gods took me back to Junior High of a creative writing story I did on the 3 sisters of Destiny. Arlee's Faraway View, and A Few WordsJudy at Life... Minute by Minute and the blog post on the Lucky Lottery- even though I have never won the lottery, I am still a winner in so many other ways, Alex J Cavanaugh who is a very busy person, but always takes the time to stop by and leave little encouraging comments, Heather who did a blog this week that reminded me that I need a vacation.  At sometime this week all of my followers blogs have in some way touched me. I could go on and on but then this would be too big of blog post to read and possibly hard to load as well.
Please check out all of their blogs, the links are to the left on my side bar,
Favorite Blog Reads of My followers.
Favorite color Pink
Favorite animal: Stinky doggy breath- especially Chihuahua
Favorite number: 13 because my grandad was a very superstitious man
Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Iced Tea I can drink a gallon of it a day.
Facebook or Twitter: facebook, even though it can be a hot bed of drama
My passions are: a few writing, art, music, reading I have too many to name
Favorite patterns: (?) Not sure what this is asking, but I like the Americana theme
Getting or giving presents: Definitely giving
Favorite day of the week: Saturday's I get to spend the entire day with my hubby
Favorite flower: Calla Lily
So, you see how hard it would be for me to pick only 5 for this especially after the week I have had?


  1. Oh I love this award it's such a cute one to get, and you definitely deserve it. Go you! You like dog breath? Grose! :)

  2. LOL Hoping you grabbed it too. : ) I couldn't pick it is for everyone

  3. I know what you mean about having your day brightened by our blogging buddies. It happens to me all the time, and you are a part of that! Thank you!!

  4. Congratulations on the award! New follower here. I'm getting a head start on visiting my fellow "A to Z"ers. I look forward to visiting again!


  5. I think your feeling towards other bloggers is mutual. That's why this award is perfect for you :)

  6. Sunshine is shining on you! You do deserve the award and thank make me smile and remember why I am blogging.

  7. Thanks for the mentions of my blogs.

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