Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Y- You Are Not the Father"


  1. Did they let you select the girls after that?

  2. I don't think my Adult kids realized until that meeting that I was totally serious because they were dragging this into MY home as well. I have had to deal with the stalker types, the psycho's you name it from all of their bad choices. From that day forward I told them I did not want to meet anyone for six months and never at my home, it was always for a dinner out and then if I wasn't convinced I would ask for a paper from their doctor. :) No, have never chosen for them but I guess after that day they took my threats serious because I now have 3 ex- daughter in laws

  3. I had my share of making bad choices in relationships too. I have a rebellious streak so my dad telling me the guy was no good only fueled the fire. Sometimes you learn best by learning the hard way

  4. I have one son, and he's sixteen. He's already asking me about the types of girls he should date. Well, I should be happy. At least he's asking.

  5. What an halarious yet interesting story!

    Your right,you never know whether the sheep you think that you're hanging out with could turn out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    I use to be one of those naive personalities that took people at their word; a glass house just standing for people to throw stones at; and god knows my house got hit many times until it came tumbling down; then my eyes were opened.

    There are so many personality types lurking around in the world; some are genuinely transparent and some are deceitfully transparent - meaning their transparency is a mask. They reveal to you what they know you need to hear.

    Teens learning and growing do have to experience life on their own; it helps to take guidance into consideration, however we've all been there - reaping the consequences of - I did it my way; ultimately doing it "my way" teaches lessons; the school of hard knock lessons and eventually eyes open!

    Really enjoyed the humor,wit and reality of your post! I'll be back for more.

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    Your post brings to mind my book entitled:

    "What Type of Character Are you Hanging Out With?"

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  6. "Some call it Maury. To me it is, "you are not the father" show. Have you ever watched the DNA shows on Maury?" made me chuckle. I have never seen it, but have heard my daughter and daughter in law talking about it. I think ti is great that you have that kind of relationship with your sons--to call a family meeting and just lay it all out there. I'd be crazy. And how wise--meet them at a dinner out somewhere. Your home is your refuge, and when people come into it that make you feel uncomfortable--let alone threatened, then something has to give. You handled it well--I think :-)

  7. Sorry you and your boys had to go through all that. Dating is so much tougher now due to more self esteem issues and the fact that everyone's life is an open book on the Internet. I hope your sons find their dream girls soon, and they better be nice to their mother-in-law! Julie

  8. I love my brother in law, but I have been using him as an example of what not to do every since my kids hit their teen years! His choices in women has been an adventure, and it hasn't always ended well. Often, crash and burn and a crazy women is screaming outside the house....

  9. Thanks for the comments on You Are Not the Father. I am actually working on a posting coming soon relating to this and what I would change if I had just one do over. If I would have thought for one minute that was my grandchild it would have been totally different. I used to think it was just here in WV, the state of the over medicated. Emails I have gotten have spoken different. Society sure has changed and I am not even that old.

  10. I've given up on TV. This post makes me so glad my girls are too young to date.

  11. Ah, I can so relate to this one. I was so lucky to have a super mother-in-law. We talked. We went shopping to- gether. We even lived together for a while when my husband had to go overseas and I couldn't follow right away. I expected I'd have that same amazing friendship with my daughter-in-laws. *Insert sardonic laughter here!*

    Great post. Hope you got to pick some winners.


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