Saturday, June 30, 2012

" Versitile Blogging and Other Styles"

For all those reading 50 Shades of Gray, that said blogging style, not doggy style... just kidding...
Lately I have gotten emails, of the Anonymous kind. I am going to be honest the first email from Anonymous, with the words Camel Toe in the subject line I thought Holy Shit it's the infamous
Anonymous Hacker Group what the hell in that post about Camel Toe pissed off a hacker? Why would they even care if I poked a little fun at camel toes, or well- everything else? Of course after reading it I can conclude that it wasn't from the infamous Guy Fawker Gang type Anonymous. I know Yeah me too, I almost shit my pants. After opening the email ever so carefully lest my virus scanner kirked out and left little nuggets I found it wasn't who or what I thought; it was someone was reminding me about some "offensive postings" I apparently have... IDK... and Why would anyone even care if I drove up and ordered a #7 and a Prayer? But I am guessing if they didn't like the posting about the clothing disaster/camel toe, then they definitely won't like another one coming about "Booty Shorts" Thanks for reminding me I also went in and added to the About My Blog page. To the anonymous who sent me something about Male Bikini Waxing, I looked at the link and ouch, but I am working on something to post for that too! To the Anonymous who asks weekly when I am going to post on Woo Hoo and the Menopausal people, that too is coming, hopefully I can start some in July. That must be a question everyone is thinking, because it's pretty popular weekly with the email folks. 

I was also given the Versitile Blogger Award from the blogger Sarah @The Writers Experiment
I must leave seven random facts about myself and nominate 15 other people or risk being infested with the curse of the Thousand Fleas from a camel.... Ouch
The Seven Random Things about me are:
 I am terrified of snakes. So terrified when someone told me that they can climb up a house to the roof, my #1 rule of the house became: "Toilet Lids Must Remain Closed At All Times"
The older I get, I don't have the patience to tolerate stupid people. 
Everything I eat has peanut butter in it or on it even if the recipe doesn't call for peanut butter.
I have zero tolerance for Mimes, they get on my nerves and I want to punch them in the face.
My grand kiddies force me into watching hours of Dora, Backyardigans, Uni Zoomi, Bubble Guppies and Sponge Bob 
I love to go camping in the summer to any place that doesn't have Chupacabra living in the woods surrounding the area. 
I watched the Wizard of Oz so many times that I can sing the Lollipop Guild song just like the munchkins. 

The 15 people will add later. Last night we had a bad storm in this area. At 10:15 folks spotted a tornado, but reports are not confirming a tornado, yet... 24,900 people without power tree and structure damage all over town. My power through the night has randomly went off, then later comes back on. 


  1. WTF? Did someone really think number 7 and a prayer was so offensive they sent an email?? Tell me I read this wrong.

  2. I had an "anonymous" person say my blog post "How To Annoy Your Children" was offensive to survivors of child abuse, and how I was encouraging this type of behavior (can you say, WHACK JOB????). Anyhoo...wanted to stop by and tell you I have a surprise for you at my latest blog post...yes, it is another award!! Check it out and I hope you'll like it!

  3. This is the third time I've heard someone say that the older they get, the less they can tolerate stupid people. (The first one was me, but I said it in my head.) I too, am submitted to many really annoying children's shows. If I never hear about Sponge Bob again, or Adventure Time, or Regular show - because my son is OBSESSED, it would be bliss. I want to hear your version of Lollipop Guild. Fire up the webcam, lady! ;)
    Congrats on your well deserved win!!

  4. PS...I'm sorry to hear you're getting troll mail. But it just means that you've arrived! ;)

  5. Wow, I'm having to duck from all the awards flying your way!

    You really do deserve each and every one of them though. A fantastic award for a fantastic blog. :D

  6. You should've written a GFY blog for the Anonymous Troll.

    Also, I'm finding it difficult to upload your blog. And I really enjoy your sense of humor.


  7. First of all, anything written by Anonymous is NOT WORTH MY TIME. That person is a coward. If you aren't brave enough to sign your name to it then you don't even own the statement. Keep it to yourself. The beauty of living in a free country is that you can write ALMOST anything you want. Death threats against Prez excluded. They take that shit seriously. The other beautiful thing is that you can choose to read or not read ANYTHING YOU WANT. So, Anonymous, YOU PANSY, if you don't like something, DON'T READ IT. Furthermore, if you think people don't have the right to write what they want, move to the USSR. I am sure that they would love to have you. Of course, you would no longer be able to send YOUR OPINIONS out anymore unless they reflected that of the government. However, you would finally understand freedom of expression. Win/Win.

  8. we lost our power last night--we have it back now--wishing good weather for you---congrats on your award :)

  9. Congrats on your award. :) Hope you have power now and that the weather has gotten better.

  10. Hoping that storm just passes right by and you get NO effects from it. I say let the troll posts fly!! You write about any damn thing you want and we will read it or not (I'm a going to read it because frankly dear you crack my ass up). I say Congrats for the award also and when you sing the lollipop song do you do the voices?? I DO it cracks me up my older kids not so much lol

  11. I once complained about cruel anonymous posts and e-mails. That put a stop to them, but now, I kind of miss them. The only anonymous people that message me are really creepy men.

  12. I have never gotten an email from anyone. Maybe I am doing something wrong. However, I don't think I would open an Anonymous one. If I did Ron would have a heart attack, protecting my computer from all them bad people out there is his job. I did get an anonymous comment the other day. Maybe I shouldn't have deleted it but it said I suck and they hope I die. I figured my reader's deserved more original comments than from some child. I hope you are ok, while I usually love a good storm, I realize that mother nature can be cruel.

  13. It's raining awards on your end too! Congrats!

  14. Thanks for the comments on this I am not sure how long I will have Internet today, phone lines are seriously freaked up around here. Even cell phone use is far and few in between as I have been getting a lot of "Sorry No Network" Anyway yet another Anon comment on this subject recommending that I go to the site Buyillegaldrugsonline and order some Amoxil WTH?


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