Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Is Rabies A New Endangered?"

Can't we all just get along?
If you live in any area prone to rabies, then you know that rabies and hot weather go together like bubbles and bubble bath. So... recently the hubby came inside to ask, "Wanna see a skunk?" Uh no, not really, why? He had been doing manly yard chores when the neighbor came over to say, they had a skunk in their yard since 9 am and that when they were out, it would walk up to them like a baby kitten. Anyway I said, "Is it a baby skunk?" I mean it is one in the afternoon. He said, "No it's pretty good size why?"
Honey, skunks are nocturnal animals and usually don't come out during the daytime, and definitely do not walk up to you purring like kittens. I go to check it out and low and behold there he is falling on his head frothing at the mouth in the neighbors yard, stumbling like he just got into Uncle Jim's moonshine vat. He almost didn't resemble a skunk. He looked like a drunk rag mop; hair all tangled up mess. So I asked the neighbor who they called, and get a, "Call? Why?Excuse me Jed and Ellie Mae, PePe' there doesn't want to be your new best friend, he is clearly a sick skunk. So, I get the phone screaming rabies is a big deal man! Well, so I thought. Apparently since the zombies are the greatest threat to mankind now, rabid animals are now placed on the endangered watch list. I called Animal Control who says to call State Police. The State Police says, "no call DNR" which I did. The lady there says, "We don't handle cases like that you will have to call the Sheriffs office." They ask me, "How do you know it is a skunk?" Hello, I am not going to go smell his ass, but this is definitely a stinky kitty. "How do you know it may have rabies?" I describe his actions and what I can see, even describing the frothing foaming coming from his mouth. They say, "well it is Sunday and the Health Department is closed. That's the office you need to call, tomorrow." Do you think you can watch it for the night? "What! Are you freaking kidding me, man? Did any of them hear what I even said?" I am not baby sitting a clearly sick  looking, possibly rabid skunk through the night for you guys, okay bye bye... Well, later on he wandered under the fence and toward the school next door. He has since moved on. Where was I on the day when the news bulletin was announced that rabid animals were no longer a big deal or on an emergency radar? 


  1. Alright, I have to say it. OMG If that happened around here. It would be all over the news and so many would be taking care of it, you would think the aliens invaded. Just the thought of rabies gives most "sane" people the creeps. Have you seen the needles they "treat" you with after you have been bitten by a suspicious animal. OUCH.

  2. @Susan Kinchen- I put a little letter to Editor thing in my local paper. No one has even said, "Oh we didn't hear the rabies part!" This has been several weeks, now in the evenings and mornings when the dog is out I wonder if the skunk is watching us or did he just move on somewhere.

  3. Gossip-Girl:
    That is terrible. It's a good thing no one got bitten...no one you know of anyway.


  4. I love skunks. I think they are so cute, but I think I would have shot this one. Lol. A friend of mine had the something like this happen to them as well, only it was a BAT and it was IN the HOUSE. Ugh. It was insane and damn near took an act of congress to get someone out there to get the damn thing out of the house.

  5. Sounds like typical bureaucracy in action. Didn't any of these people watch "Old Yeller" back in the day? If something is rabid you're supposed to put it out of its misery.

  6. That is actually quite scary. So what if there's more than one rabid skunk acting like Cujo (remember that film?) running loose? Will someone have to be bitten before something is done about it?

    After reading this, I'll never look at Pepe Le Pew in the same way.

  7. Yeah, that's kind of scary. The sheriff's office should have handled that, even if the health department was closed!

  8. It is unbelievable that they asked you to "watch it for the night!" I'm also glad that no one you know of got hurt. Pretty frightening stuff! Glad you sent a letter to the paper. Julie

  9. It sounds like the same way people respond to, say, small pox these days. Mostly, people don't know what it is anymore, so they really don't -get- it. Basic ignorance (probably coupled with stupidity) in action.

  10. You have some dumbass neighbors, not to mention your local authorities. I've dealt wth a few rabid animals ove the course of my life and you know what happens? They all get shot...dead. The police department should have been the ones responding to this....

  11. Like Lily, I always think of Cujo. Creepy!

  12. I'm with Lily and Judy...Cujo. Definitely.

    If we had this sort of issue, and we got the run-around like you did, my husband would've shot the damn thing himself, after he told all the authorities to go screw themselves for not doing their jobs.

    I cannot believe they asked you to watch it! WTF?!?

  13. Well we have bears walking around up here that they won't do anything about so this doesn't surprise me.

  14. @Shelly- I can't believe that no one would come out. Some days the grand kids are here so am being more careful when they are outside and also when we are out.
    @Tattooed- LOL Hubby actually wanted to because we both felt so bad for it. :( I have read that rabies is a very painful disease. But we have a law about firing guns within 500 ft of a dwelling. : /
    @PT- Oh yeah on that, Small Town/Good Ole Boy Network. :)
    @Lily- I did think of that crazy movie after everyone gave me the run around.
    @Becky- So far no one has even answered my letter to the paper in response. I take it a rabid animal is not that important anymore.
    @Empty Nester- LOL yeppers that is what they asked me. I told them, As If!

  15. @Andrew- Very true, very true.
    @Kevin- Yeah my neighbors aren't the brightest crayons in the box. Hubby was scared to shoot it because of a law of firing a gun 500 ft of a dwelling and with my neighbors, yeah they would have called about something like that. :/
    @Judy- I did think of that movie after I saw it moving across the playground at the school beside of us. : / There is a wooded area on the other side of the school so am sure it went there.
    @Kelly- I agree and yeah I was kind of stumped when the dispatcher asked if I could watch it through the night. Uh no...
    @Crazy Mama- Holy cow on the bears, I can tell ya they wouldn't know how to handle that one around here.

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