Sunday, July 8, 2012

"A Mad Lib kind of Kreative Blogger Award"

This little goody was given to me by another blogger that I like reading Crazy Mama who blogs @ Can't Keep It In No More Her blog is also not for the easily offended I guess that's why I love reading her writings and thank you Crazy Mama. As with the others this one also has some questions to answer... Here are the questions I must answer so I don't get infested by that thousand flea curse...

 1. What is your favorite song?  (This was chosen by my grandson)

 2. What is your favorite dessert? Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey

 3.  What do you do when you're upset? Depends on which type of upset I am. There are many types of upset and a scale; An Example Upset like eating everything in sight and regretting it later when I have to work harder at the gym.  I can go from tears to I'm gonna break your nose in roughly thirty seconds.
 4.  What is your favorite pet? Awww that'd be my Chihuahua, Ms Elizabeth Taylor. I'm sure she's totally convinced that I have lost my mind as I see several calls she has made to Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer where she is seeking some therapy.

 5.  Which do you prefer, white or whole wheat? Neither really.
 6. What is your biggest fear? Oh here we go again on fears... Mine is Snakes. So before the WV/snake jokes start coming in yet again, let me explain... Many years ago I was bitten by a black snake. While it isn't poisonous let me tell you that shit hurts! My heel felt like I had just been stung by 10 million bees at once and it made me sick. My foot was swell for days and I will never ever forget it. If that is what a non poisonous snake bite feels like I never want to be bitten by any of them ever! Since then I am terrified of them.
 7. What is your attitude mostly? Generally, I am the same person that I like to write about I wake up and can find something to laugh about, but then there are days that someone come's a long a freaks that up too, never fails. 
Once again the random facts about me thing. I don't think there is really too much more to be said about me that wouldn't just bore you to death or make you want to jump out of a moving car. So, I found a Mad Lib, with a title that I so remember well called, "Can I Have Your Daughters Hand?" I remember when my now hubby was being all respectful and went and asked my daddy for my hand. Here is what my dad said, "Are you kidding? No you can't" So here is my Mad Lib and if this is how my hubby asked my daddy, No wonder my daddy said  "No! Hello his name isn't Elroy Ray McLovin and my parents didn't name me, Ellie Mae! Dude, you are so lucky my daddy didn't grab his pistol loaded with pigeon shot and shoot ya in the butt!"
"Can I Have Your Daughters Hand?"
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Ray McLovin,
Will you let me Sheathe your Robber? Ever since I have laid Ring Fingers on Ellie Mae, I have Furrowed madly in love with her. I wish that she will be the McBurglar of my Meters and that someday we will Clamp happily ever after. I have a Washer as a/an Fortune-Teller that pays $8 each month. I promise to Languish Ellie Mae with kindness and respect.


Quinky Dink Clay Baken

So, when I asked my hubby, "Are you sure you asked him nicely?" He said, "Yeah, but I didn't want to kiss his ass though" 

So, since I like to poke fun at Walmart, here's yours. It's called "The Walmart Difference" Come on and make me laugh!
Here's how to play along. Go to The Walmart Difference
We are in a heatwave and it makes me miserable so this is being awarded once again to anyone who leaves a comment. Copy and paste the stuff above and the little gif, fill in all the blanks and then copy and paste to your blog
Can't Wait to Read!


  1. Hi Gossip girl....You have a grandson?
    Or is that part of the song? Ha ha.
    I enjoyed reading your this posting and your humour.

    Hubby too is hilarious!
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.
    Best regards.

  2. Congrats on the award. I think it is a worthy award (not because I got it too) because after reading this entry I think that you are very creative.

    Sorry about the snake bite. I do not believe a word that snake lovers tell me about the non - poisonous type either.

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  5. Sorry you think I'm offensive, but thanks for doing the award. You deserve it.. Congrats on your sunshine award as well. You must feel all dressed up!

  6. @Uncle Lee LOL actually I have 5 grandsons :) They are a joy and actually it was either the Lion Sleeps tonight or the Chicken Dance. :) Per the grand kiddie. :)
    @Munir- I know almost all of those ask about the fears and I keep repeating snakes over and over I thought I better say why I am afraid well since I am from WV and there are churches around the state that do the snake handling thing. Grrrr....I will never be a member!
    @Crazy Mama- no offense taken. :) Your posts always give me many laughs. :)
    Anyhoo hoping everyone grabbed the Bloggy award. :)

  7. Oh wow. I loved the video you put up. The hippo's expressions had me rolling on the floor. Thanks for a much needed giggle fest.

  8. You must have a million awards by now. Sell them on ebay, I say!


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