Saturday, August 4, 2012

"A Rock'n Blog Award"

This little goody was bestowed by a favorite blogger, talented writer and singer...  Mod Mom of Indiedom. So, you're probably thinking "you a rocker?" Yeah I know right! The award originated at the blog of, Rockin' Mama who blogs about everything from her crazy journey through mamahood and marriage to an occasional drunken rage. To pass it along, everyone of the great followers rock, so... I am going to be passing it along like the others. If ya want this little goody to display on your rock'n blog, and since everyone is rock'n, by all means grab it while it's hot! Flash Mob it if ya like!

The rules are simple: 

★Accept the award. 
★Pass The Award To Other Rockin' Bloggers
★Come Back To Rockin' Blogger Award and Link Your Blog!


  1. Congratulations - now that's a cool award!

  2. Congratulations. Rock On Gossip Girl!

  3. Congratulations. Rock On Gossip Girl!

  4. Boy you get & give some cool rockin awards I just finished a hard rocking set so I am going to get me one of these :}
    You do make it so easy to like you because shhh you make it easy heehhee.

  5. Congrats. That is such a cool award. :)

  6. Haha! I love it - so I'm nabbing one for me too.. in a weird sort of award swapping fest fashion, cos I was coming on over to hand ye a Liebster Blog award myself! My latest blog post called Go Momma (on Go Momma) has the scoop.
    Congrats.. and Rock on!

  7. Congrats! Just wanted to let you know that I added you to my new blog roll--hope that's OK with you!

  8. TO ALL- Hoping everyone grabbed the Rock'n Blog Award Bling for themselves!
    Josie- LOL and thanks. Will work on something for this week!
    @Menopausal Mama- Thats cool on the Blog Roll- thanks! :) I have a blog roll that I keep all the followers links on! :)

  9. Also==will definitely grab this and post it on my blog page with your blog address & a thank you.


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