Monday, September 17, 2012

"Alex's Genre Favorites Blogfest"

Well today is the big day of Ninja Alex's Genre Favorites Blogfest of Movies, Music, Books and guilty pleasures.

Movie:  My favorite movies are comedies. I am a big fan of Tyler Perry's Madea movies aside from comedies I am also a fan of black and white movies and classics. 
Music: I like all types of music from classical to indie. One of my favorite songs is: Sonic Youth singing Superstar (by: The Carpenters) 

Books: Two of my favorite authors are 
Judy Blume and Erma Bombeck I also used to be an avid Harlequin reader too. I haven't picked up a Harlequin in a few years. I also love reaading The Classics
And now a guilty pleasure genre from any of the three categories!
So for my guilty pleasures. I actually have three one from each genre. The first is, my favorite all time movie is Gone With the Wind. On Books, I used to be an avid Harlequin Romance reader. It's been years since I picked up a Harlequin and read it. The third is many, many years ago I took piano lessons, so I do like many classical pieces. One of my favorites of all time was playing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18 AKA Moolight Sonata. I love this piece so much that one of my Chihuahua's was named Animal Haus' Moonlit Jazz'D Sonata. We called her Jazz for short.

So, are you playing along in Alex's Favorites Bloghop?


  1. Playing the classics on piano isn't a guilty pleasure - that's a talent!
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest.

  2. @Alex- I put it as a guilty pleasure because most ppl I tell that I like classical music rarely believe me I guess because I have a side that can find a laugh and joke about anything. :) I have heard, "You!? Never!" :)

  3. guilty pleasure... is wonderful and you are a superstar!

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Howlin' Wolf Records: On-Line Magazine

  4. @Jeremy- LOL Beethoven is my fave of all the composers. :) I also think I like Sonic Youth's version of Superstar bcuz it is somewhat of a haunting tribute to Karen Carpenter.

  5. I'm glad you linked the whole sonata and not just the first movement. Speaking as a woman, what do you feel when you listen to the 3rd movement? Do you like the Apassionata as well?

  6. I echo Mod Mom....Sonic Youth - yes!

  7. @Gorilla- First movement Adagio Sostenuto Beethoven never married. Tho my piano teacher told me "no", I truly think he loved someone and wrote this Sonata for her. The way the Sonata goes from Adagio Sostenuto and moves thru the movements. IDK I believe he wrote the piece for someone that he loved Or maybe that is just all of those Harlequins I have read. IDK. :) Oh an BTW it is also believed that this piece was also written before he went deaf. :)

  8. @ModMom & Kevin- I first heard Sonic Youth shortly after I graduated from high school :) My hubby absolutely hates that version of Superstar. :)

  9. oh i love to play moonlight sonata--it was one of my first pieces of sheet music---i also loved erma---great list!

  10. I never got into Harlequin romances but I do love Judy Blume. I used to read her all the time as a child

  11. Gotta love Judy Blume, right? I remember giggling and passing around Forever in sixth grade. She wrote YA before it was a genre. :)

  12. Love Moonlight Sonata. I'm a fan of piano music.


  13. Love classical music, Beethovens "Emperor concerto" is wonderful and I have a soft spot for Debussy :)

  14. love your classic selections! a nice surprise!

  15. Moonlight Sonata is so beautiful. :)

  16. @Lynn- Do you also get the feeling from playing that it is a love song? Or am I just a hopeless romantic from reading romance stories? :)
    @Heather & Tamara- My mom gave me her set a books a long time ago. Love her books! And oh yeah on her book Forever. :)
    @Donna, Siv, Tara & Dana- Oh I hear ya! Beethoven wrote some great pieces. There is still some controversy around whether or not he was deaf when he wrote this piece. My piano teacher told me that he wrote this early, before he was totally deaf.:)

  17. I love that piece. I used to be able to play it on the guitar.

    I have quite a collection of old b/w movies. Loved Cary Grant movies and loved madcap comedies, like Bringing Up Baby.
    I enjoyed your post for this genre blogfest!

  18. Hi there! Thanks for sharing. I like your list. Many I have seen seem all so similiar, so it was a nice change to find one that had a bit of everything. I listed classic rock on my post, but when I need to get some writing in, I tend to put on the headphones and tune in to some classical music for inspiration.


  19. HI, Gossip Girl,

    Just dropped in to say hi and read your choices...

    GREAT! YOU are the first MADEA fan... TOO FUN! I laughed so hard at the first movie...

    Again, The first Carpenters fan .... What a voice. Karen spoke/sung from her soul.

    Fun reading choices and Classical piano is a dream. I've always wanted to play!

    SO glad I popped by, and it's great to meet you.


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