Monday, October 22, 2012

"Pimp My Blog- This Week Goes To... "

For today, I have the honor of pimping my blog out to give a Dude Write shoutout for this weeks Dude and Dudette Write contest. It's just for the day. You don't mind do ya? I feel all honored to be chosen by Kevin who blogs @Who Would'a Thought? this week to submit something for the contest. I admit that went to my head pretty fast, Look at me looking fabulous over here! If you're a dude you have to stop by and check out the Dude Write Blog Many great blogger writers hang out there at the Dude Man Cave. See, each week the dudes submit a posting and it stays up for a couple days and then the voting starts.

That's where all the fun begins. You are allowed to vote for your three favorites! Then they announce the winners! That's it! Now Kevin the dude that asked me to write up a lil blog piece to enter is a card carrying member of this club and a Diamond Club MVP. I proudly accept the challenge. Thanks Kevin. You see a few months ago, the gang at Dude Write took down that "No Girls Allowed" sign  and have special occasions that the girls are allowed to submit something By Invitation Only. Just one shout out please, That's right Michaele Salahi, I got an invitation! I'll link my blog piece on Thursday, October 25th and the voting starts on Sunday evening (Oct 28th) at 9 PM. I'm guessing as these next few days go along I'm also going to be asking begging pleading and bugging  you to please, please, please vote for me!  Pretty please with sugar gum drops on top! Just kidding.... Actually pimping my blog to give a shout out to Dude Write was pretty fun, hey now and it's not breaking the law. Makes me feel as Sugy Bear up here! I may just have to Pimp My Blog out more often, huh? In case you hadn't noticed though I've had a mention of Dude Write for many months now. It's been in the tab at the top that says, Are You A Blog Hop Junkie? Now, it's just more official like! So, I promise Dudes and Dudettes if you haven't stopped by Kevin's blog, you just have to stop by and read Kevin's blog. Honestly, I love his blog writings and never disappointed. His blog is guaranteed to make you laugh. I will unveil my blog posting for the contest on Thursday.
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Pics found @ Dude Write
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  1. But you're not a dude...

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. @Shelly- Hilarious, Shelly you are correct not a dude. This week I've been asked to be one of Kevin's Dudettes though. :)

  3. @Shelly- My coffee hadn't kicked in yet! :) Yep not a Dude here hmmmm... just think of it as Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas! :)

  4. Well done on getting an invite. I used to be allowed in, but they kicked me out of the man cave because I kept bringing my own cushion, and drinking cocktails out of a curly straw. Also, I was stealing staplers.

  5. Congrats on your invite! Happy Monday. :)

  6. Sounds fun - and what a honor!

  7. I feel like Charlie from Charlie's Angels. I will call Kevin's Bloggers. LOL. Good luck and I can't wait to see what you come up with for the contest!

  8. Pretty sweet. Go get 'em tiger.

  9. @Addman- Oh gosh. Hopefully I can tip toe with a Shirley Temple. :) Hilarious on the staplers.
    @Dana Thanks and I'm not much of a Monday person, but Happy Monday to you too!
    @Judy & Robin Thanks
    @Alex- LOL :)
    @Kevin- Hilarious Charlies Angels. :)

  10. Way to get in there & show us all something something ( mostly the guys but shhh) . I will be doing voting for you go getter done !!! ~Janice~


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