Monday, October 29, 2012

"Pimping My Blog Today..."

Standing up for cookies
This week I am  excited to be Pimping My Blog out to a very funny and talented blog writer @ Muppet's For Justice I can still remember the very first posting I read at the Muppets For Justice Blog. It was as everyone was gearing up for the Big April A-Z Challenge Event and I was scrolling the linky list. The posting was, "Valentine's Day" I was celebrating something with the bottle of Peppermint Schnapps left over from the holidays. It's pretty foggy,
the time frame because I want to say it was the same evening we had a friend over and he was so wasted he was trying to light farts on fire in my living room which around here is my signal to take his keys from him. "Oh hell no! He ain't drivin' home from my place like that!" The day after was spent regretting the side effects of peppermint schnapps and Christmas morning burps. Okay, sorry about that I'm sure that Addman doesn't want to hear anymore about Hillbilly pastimes... So, as I was saying I was scrolling the linky list and came upon Muppet's for Justice. I hesitated a moment because I actually thought it was an Occupy Sesame Street site. I could almost hear the protests and chants of "The 1% are taking the cookies of the 99%" and for a moment I pictured the site to be plastered with pics of the cookie monster during demonstrations...
I closed my eyes before clicking. I just couldn't bear it if they had the Cookie Monster in their clutches! Well it turns out the blog had nothing to do with Occupy, or which % does or doesn't have all the cookies! The posting was about Valentines Day! Now, thank God my daughter was here because I choked after taking a drink of Pepsi while reading it. So inquiring minds in the menopausal circle want to know 
Addman, "How did you come up with the name for your blog?"
The Addman tells me, "When I first started Muppets For Justice it was just a scratch pad for ideas.  I named it Muppets For Justice after I saw the futile efforts of a campaign group here in the UK called Fathers For Justice.  They were campaigning against tight access restrictions to their children.  Their preferred campaign method was to do something reckless and irresponsible such as climb the Houses of Parliament, thus proving why they were banned from seeing their kids in the first place.  It was this futile struggle that inspired the name, my intentions be a competent writer despite my predetermination to write fart jokes.  Plus, I had used a cookie monster avatar on the Internet for ages, so it seemed to make sense." 
Well, we love the idea for the name and your blog! His is another blog which doesn't disappoint in the laughter category! Now my little circle of menopausal lady friends helped me with the questions thing. This literally scares the crap outta me as I stare at this jar of little paper strips because these ladies are still hung up on Christian Grey and Lord knows what their inquiring minds want to know right now! My hand shakes as I dip it in and pull out a question. 
So, the ladies at the Menopausal Support Circle want to know from the Addman... "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" 
He says, "I don't know what a Klondike bar is, but it sounds delicious.  As such, I'd probably do anything for one.  Once, for as little as two Mars bars, I let an Asian businessman strap a saddle to me, and he rode me to work for a whole week.  If anyone would like a price list of shameful acts that I perform for cookies or chocolate, feel free to contact me."
Well, think of Klondike bars as a big Bon Bon in a three inch by one inch square. A nice 488 calorie tempting treat with 321 fat calories. 
So folks, let's give a round of applause to Addman and a great big thanks to the folks at Muppet's for Justice for coming over to help Pimp my Blog today! Well... What'ya waiting for? Get yourself on over to Muppet's For Justice
In Other News:
Oh and before I forget, tomorrow is that last to vote @Dude Write  If you haven't yet, stop by and check it out! 
Also, so far where I am at in WV, it's just been raining. The weather guy says that the wind 40 mph will start a little later. They are saying after that we could have power outages. Folks about an hour to two to the west are getting a blizzard. In June, we had a storm called a Derecho which they said is equal to a tornado that has been pressed to the ground and moves along a path. No one had ever heard of one, I guess that included the weathermen, because that storm never went in their forecast and folks weren't warned. The towns in it's path learned stuff from that storm. The first thing we lost was our 
9-1-1 when the power went out. Since then, they have prepared for anything around here! We survived Derecho and 100+ mile per hour winds. We are ready!
Hopeful those in the eye of the storm have evacuated or at least has hunkered down. Be safe!
Modmom has a Rock Ya Like a Hurricane Bloghop going on. Stop over and check it out!
C’est La Vie ©Gossip_Grl
Pics: One found at Muppet's For Justice another at Google Images
***Disclaimer*** Not responsible for any accidents while visiting the Muppets for Justice blog!


  1. Interesting way to chose a blog name! Glad no Muppets were held hostage.
    We've had a little wind and rain, but I'm far enough inland that the hurricane basically passed us by.
    You stay safe!

  2. yeah i am digging that name too--going over--stay safe!

  3. I'm just doing a click by, today. I owe you an email which I'll try to get to you tomorrow. Busy, busy weekend and I'm all behind.

  4. Sweet blog! I notimated you with an blogger award on my blog! Click 'here' to check it out! I hope you like it! You may also notimate up to 7 bloggers (or an many as you like). Have a great one!

  5. so funny =) love the reason behind the title! yeah, i'd do crazy stuff for a free brownie =)

  6. Thanks for the shout out! I like the sound of that Klondike bar, when do I receive it?

  7. @Addman- This posting was pre scheduled for Monday, the same day as Hurricane Sandy tore up the east coast. Many folks are still w/o power, internet, phones. I didn't catch it in time to revert to draft. Hoping as others get power and Internet back, they'll go back and see this posting. Now, about that Klondike bar... I guess I can mail ya one! :) The weatherman is talking about a possible Nor'easter next week. So, I figure if I mail it to you during a blizzard it won't be so melted when ya get it! :)


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