Monday, November 12, 2012

Pimp My Blog- ModMom Beyond Indiedom

Oh My gosh I am excited! Today I have the honor of pimping my blog to an Indie songwriter/singer and blogger, Linda Roy @Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom How cool is that, huh? Are you excited? I've learned when Mod Mom isn't blogging or writing songs that she is a wife, mother of two and fur mom to the pugs! My Chihuahua isn't too sure about the pug dog thing right now. She'll share her woobies, but she's hid the Begg'n Strips. Mod Mom's blog without a doubt is just one of my favorite hangouts. Her story is pretty cool too. It's about a Mod Girl who is the lead singer in a band she started and they shall be called, Jehova Waitresses They sang,
toured and rocked the USA and then she fell deeply madly in love with the lead guitarist  and they married and she then became Mod Mama to two boys. Now I am always a sucker for love stories, and this is one of those stories. Now this Mod couple are celebrating their Happily Ever After, and they are getting the band back together! Wait... I just got a mental picture of the Blues Brothers for some reason. From her postings like  Things I wish I knew Before I became a parent (I wish someone had warned me that even when they are all grown up and out on their own the only real time they really need ya is when they need money! Nothing prepares a parent for that! I mean what do you do when you have a grown up kid that tells you, that they need it to make rent or they will have to move back home! I don't have a basement I only have a crawl space under the house.) TO postings like  Mom's Blogging: From A Kid's Point of View (Hilarious! I cannot even get my kids to read my blog They tell me that it is on a Don't Ask... Don't Tell to them! That's my crazy little Urban Amish family! I took that as Permission granted to write about them, some times if I need to!)  
Coming Now... Jehova's Waitresses singing, Clean and Simple...
Here are a couple of her hit parody's screaming for hit's and votes...
50 Ways to Heave Your Supper
AND the ever so... I wish it would go viral...
The Ballad of my Vagina
Now you may be wondering just who and what is this band? From the Jehovah Waitresses Facebook page I learned, "Jehova Waitresses' fuses the traditional with the unconventional. It's Alt Country with a twist of lime. The music is UnCountry/Urban Folk Rock." 
So, when I told my Menopausal Circle that she was part of my little project of pimping my blog they went all bat shit crazy just a little loony on me about this one. Anyway inquiring minds over here want to know more about your singing career! We've never been close to a superstar before! Things like how old were you when you first started singing? What is the best and worst dive you've ever sang and played in? 
And even though one of them was born in the 50's and grew up in the 60's will tell me they hate the Indie music I have in my MP3 This circle of menopausal lady friends also has put questions in a jar to choose from. That scares me a little because a few of them are still hung up on Christian Grey and everything today, their question for Mod Mom is... "Did you ever have an embarrassing moment while you were on stage performing?" Linda tells us, "The most embarrassing moment onstage would have to be three years ago when we returned to Cleveland to do a big hometown reunion show. My mom was there and so was M1 (then 9) and for some reason, my mom was really preoccupied with worry about him. We assured her he'd be fine, we'd bring him home with us.  A friend of ours owns a limo company and he was so terrific - he drove us to and from the gig so we could enjoy ourselves and not worry about driving. But that wasn't enough for my mother. So, midway through the show, as I was introducing the next song, she came stumbling up to the stage, pushing people aside, sloshing her gin and tonic around and finally dropping it altogether.  She began pounding on the stage with her hand shouting at my husband "Hello! Hello! Hey! Who's taking M1 home?" It was like everything was suddenly in slow motion as she continued to pound and shout - all eyes on her and I turned around to face the back of the stage. My band mates whispered "We love you, Lin." If she hadn't been my mother, I think security would've hauled her outta there. The whole thing brings to mind scenes from two of my favorite movies: The scene in "What's Up Doc" where they say "Who is that dangerously imbalanced woman?"And the one from "Almost Famous" where the guitarist says to the kid "You're mom really freaked me out." My mom really freaked the audience out.  And the band.  And the Cleveland press.  And a few DJs, the club staff." I am sorry, but OMGOSH I have been laughing since reading this. I'm sorry Linda but that is hilarious. I think because it reminds me of something my mom would do. Her blog is just one of my favorite hang outs. If you've ever visited you know what I'm talking about. If you've never visited her blog, you are missing out on so many great moments! Thank you and many huggies to Linda for taking time out of her busy day to stop by and visit! Please visit her blog @ Mod Mom Beyond Indiedom You can also get more details on their Facebook page, Jehova Waitresses.  Visit her YouTube page Linda Roy to catch more of her whimsical parody's and tunes and catch more Jehovah's Waitress news, gallery pics of the band, song release information on their webpage Jehova Waitresses Check her out and celebrate the Indie! 
She is also currently busy putting back the pieces from Hurricane Sandy I was actually tweeting with Linda when Sandy was bursting through my area. We were discussing how the Hurricane was going to put a damper on the Dudettes Writing Contest and the voting and then I lost power. As the winds picked up, rains fell and our creeks, streams and river over flowed their banks, I said quiet prayers for all of those north of here who were bracing for this storm. It was bad here and we weren't even under the eye of the storm. With no Internet and power, I couldn't get online to shout- Get Outta there now while you still have time to run! 
Anyone wishing to help those affected by the hurricane can contact the Red Cross webpage, The Salvation Army, Heart to Heart and Direct Relief to get more info on how you can help those affected by Hurricane Sandy. You can contact the Humane Society of the US to get info on how you can help the many animals that were affected too!
Be very careful and donate only to accredited and valid 501c3 charity organizations. There are many out there claiming and they are just SCAMS. Even if you can't give or donate to help, I hope you'll still stop by Mod Moms blog today

C’est La Vie ©Gossip_Grl 
Videos via you tube belong to Linda Roy and Jehova Waitresses


  1. Jehova's Waitresses - funny! So is the story about her mother coming on stage.

  2. Thanks for the wonderful shout out, girl! xo

  3. @Alex- I know on the clever name! It's kinda catchy! :) I agree on her mom. My mom carried a wooden spoon with her- everywhere- and reading that I got so many mental pictures of my own mama who would have done that if she had a chance! :)

  4. @ModMom- You betcha! Wasn't a problem at all. Although when I planned it, I wasn't figuring Sandy would be such a party pooper :/ Glad to hear you guys have power back!

  5. Pimping ain't easy, but you pimped out a great blog.

  6. @Kevin- Hilarious! And Thanks! A bigger thanks to Linda for allowing me to pimp her blog for the day. For a few days I was beginning to wonder if I'd be able to do the blog post this week because of the power issues up north.

  7. haha this was great---love their name :)

  8. She sounds like a hoot!

    I've had the eye of a hurricane go over our town. Very scary.

  9. @Lynn- LOL It is creative isn't it? :)
    @L.Diane- She is a riot and a really talented song writer/singer. Two really memorable postings off hand were in June, They were Questionable Nursery Rhymes and Not Mothers Day (A parody) If you get a chance to check out her blog

  10. I should have my kids read the embarrassing moment thing. They would appreciate me more.

  11. @Susan- Hilarious! Shoot I remember 1st grade and seeing my mama on my bus stop with her wooden spoon. I had decided in 1st grade the same day they gave us our Small Pox shot that I wanted no more of this school stuff and at lunch left the school grounds. After crossing the street I didn't know which way to go and was found by a crossing guard. :/ Well they called my mom and there she was- waiting- wooden spoon in hand and chased me all the way home too :/

  12. Stopped in to follow Mod Mom. Sounds like my kinda gal!


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