Monday, November 5, 2012

Pimp My Blog- Strange Pegs

Today I am honored to be pimping my blog to an Indy Writer/Author and blogger, Andrew Leon who blogs @ Strange Pegs When Andrew isn't busy writing he is husband, father and collector of Star Wars memorabilia and a real Sci-Fi enthusiast. Andrew also taught a creative writing to students at his own children's middle school. A very busy person. Among Andrew's accomplishments, his first book,

The House on the Corner is a Y/A mystery. Check out this bit from The House on the Corner...
"Three siblings have their plans for the summer ruined as they move across country as soon as school is out. The new house has been mostly vacant for the previous two decades, when the previous owners mysteriously vanished. The kids in the neighborhood believe the house is haunted, and even the adults can't deny that strange things happen around the creepy, old house on the corner. The Howard's think these are no more than stories springing from overactive imaginations. That is until they discover a cache of ancient weapons. And what does the crazy old man across the street with his dire warnings have to do with it? Tom, Sam, and Ruth are convinced that things are anything but normal. All children dream the improbable; some dream the impossible. What happens when three children stumble into the impossible? Will it bring them together, or will it tear them apart?"
The House on the corner is also available for Kindle House on the Corner for those who have the readers. I just recently found his blog this past summer. Thanks to Alex Cavanaugh for sharing his link. This summer, he also had a book out called, Charter Shorts a collection of creative writing written by his creative writing students. Charter Shorts is available in book and also for Kindle here, Charter Shorts 
He has also been working on a series of shorts called Shadow Spinner which is also available for download at Amazon.
Each part is only $0.99 cents. There are a couple of days every few months that he offers these shorts for free. Keep checking back
There is also an accompaniment piece to this. The latest is, "The Evil That Men DoYou can check out more information on his blog which are available for download on Kindle.
I have a small writing that I am hoping to get to book, which will be an Indy book. Just in researching alone I have learned that being an Indy writer is a lot of hard work. Indy writers have to do all the work themselves, from the publishing to getting their book title out into the mainstream. Being an Indy writer is a lot of hard work. I also know that there are those out there that don't really understand the meaning to being Indy. Some older folks I know thought it had something to do with the words, "folklore" and "those damn hippies." 
Well the ladies of the Menopausal circle asked if Andrew has or would he ever go out in front of his house on the sidewalk and sing "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" as loud as he could? Andrew, I swear I told them you were a writer. Maybe they thought you were songwriter/singer, who knows with these ladies.
He tells me, "Um, no, I have never gone out in front of my house and sung anything at any volume. In front of other people's houses, yes, but my own? Never.
That song in particular, though, is not what I'd call a suitable caroling song, so it's never come up.
Would I ever? Also no. However, I might consider telling that story in front of my house. As long as there was an audience. Maybe."
Do you have a reading enthusiast on your Christmas list? You can do a little early Christmas shopping. What better gift than giving a book to someone? Many thanks to Andrew for letting me show case his books here. Go check out Andrews blog. All the info for his books can also be found on his blog, in case I have forgotten to mention something here! You can also look for him on GoodReads Andrew, the gossiping ladies circle inquiring minds want to know... Are there more books in your future? I guess you'll just have to pop over to his blog Strange Pegs to find that answer!

C’est La Vie ©Gossip_Grl
pics belong to Andrew Leon @Strange Pegs


  1. What if she asked you to sing another song?
    Great tribute to Andrew's works and glad you found such a good blogger buddy.

  2. The House on the Corner...sounds a little scary, too. I like things that make me go willy. Anyway, nice piece today, Gossip.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. @Alex- Hilarious! Hilarious and thanks! As mentioned, after researching just how much work the Indy's do have to promote their works is like an OUCH! Hmm... Hey Indy month maybe? j/k :)
    @Shelly- It does sound a little scary! And Thanks Shelly!

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Thanks for having me over today! I appreciate it!

    @Alex: Um... no? I gave up my solo singing career while I was in high school.

    @Shelly: I can't say it doesn't have its spooky parts. My younger son asked me when he finished it, "Don't you think it's a little intense?" But he loves it, so it's okay.

  5. this sounds great--i have always been a sucker for a haunted house story!!

  6. @Lynn: Well... it's not really a haunted house. I call it a fantasy. But maybe that's telling?

  7. Cool! Nice to hear about Andrew and his work. I'll have to check it out

  8. Did anyone else have some Internet problems today? Mine was all crazy, could be they are finally pumping some sunshine up in these hills! Then about 5 PM a transformer fire in town and a half mile away from me at the same time another went out with a bang. :/ Crazy night!

  9. @Heather: I wouldn't say no to that! :)

    G_G: Oh, I thought you were just being quiet to let me do all the talking :P


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