Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Some Ray's O' Sunshine Award"

So, I was surprised the other day hearing from blogging pal Kevin who blogs @Who Would'a Thought? that he had graciously given me the Ray O' Freaking Sunshine Award.  I am glad that we don't have to turn these into the IRS aren't you? I looked and they seem to be hoarded here. I was surprised at this one because here lately I hardly find anything Sunshiny to write about- You know how it goes, same ole menopausal griping and noon time breakdown most of the time. Apparently, that was okay for this award. One little bit of sunshine this week has been one of my grandsons. He was here with me on my day off. He told
me yesterday, "No 'logging' today 'kay meemaw" (which was his demand that I was not allowed to touch the computer or anything to do with the word blog) As I was searching the Cartoon Network and Nick Channels for stuff to watch he said, "it's me and you meemaw and we are chill'n and sleep'n okay?" He always has something funny to say, and although the sleep'n thing sounded just wonderful to someone my age, he's four so yeah, definitely no sleeping when he's up and into everything, but what a way of trying to bait me huh and he's only four! So we settled on the chill'n with a marathon of Dora and Spongebob, yay me! This award has some interrogation questions: 
What Is Your Favorite Christmas/Festive Movie?
I know you'll be surprised to hear this, but my favorite Christmas Movie(s) is It's A Wonderful Life. I can watch that movie all year long. I also love White Christmas with Bing Cosby and Danny Kaye. Another mention and I will cry every time I watch the movie or even hear that song is, The Christmas Shoes. Oh yeah I turn into a big sappy cry baby!
What is Your Favorite Flower?
My favorite(s) is any that just grows and blooms on their own and needs no special tending to. I'm not good with the Martha Stewart green thumb stuff and have a hard time just keeping house plants alive.
What Is Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage? 
This one is pretty easy coffee and tea; and on the days I work a nice tall can of Monster BFC energy drink just to get me through those last four hours after the caffeine has worn off.
What Is Your Passion Guilty Pleasure?
Is this a trick question? How about if I just trade that little word today for guilty pleasure okay? So yes I do have a few guilty pleasures One is Nutella- this wonderful little spread often helps to keep the hormone imbalances in check; as well as the Philadelphia Indulgence Cream Cheese Spreads, damn you for all those wonderful little tasty calories on bagels and English muffins.
What Is Your Favorite Season? 
If it's too hot, the menopausal complain; too cold the menopausal complain so for me... Whatever seasons are cool weather are fine with me. I guess my answer then would be Spring and Fall- which are also the two that bring on the seasonal allergy flareups! Can't win for losing!
What Is Your Favorite Physical Activity?
Is this another trick question? I'll just plead the 5th Amendment! Next question please!
What Is Your Favorite Vacation?
After not getting a vacation for many years, anywhere but here is a vacation to me!
The sunshiny was a short lived feeling. As I was working on this posting I learned that Hostess is saying Goodbye! What? No more Twinkies? No more Snowballs either? WTH is this menopausal lady going to do now? I went to hurry and grab a box of anything Hostess and only crumbs of the Ding Dongs were left on the shelf! WTH You can't leave us like that Hostess!
So, whom will I bestow the award to... hmm... okay you folks know how these work. It's the weekend, so anyone just stopping by to read the lunacy can take the award with them. Everyone needs a Ray of Sunshine! Free at no cost, for a limited time only 
(just kidding) If you want it grab it up! 


  1. Congratulations and agree with you on the flowers. Except the dandelions that grow in my lawn.

  2. They made the best fruit pies

  3. @Alex- Oh I agree on the Dandelions!I swear back in the spring we sprayed the yard with weed killer for the dandelions and they popped up in the cracks in driveway after that. :/
    @JoeH- Oh I agree on the fruit pies. Sadly, there is no trace of Hostess left on the shelves in town, say for a few crumbs on the shelves. I am very sad to see them go. :(

  4. Love this award and your response.

  5. First of all, congratulations for the award!!! And I can so understand about the Christmas movies and that song, The Christmas Shoes... I tell ya, when I heard that song, I was driving in my car, heading into town and I don't know exactly which part done it.. but the tears, they came.. pouring.. and I couldn't make it stop.. isn't that crazy?? How some songs can hit you like that? Anyhow, I loved reading this post!! It was absolutely wonderful!! You are such a fun lady!! Bubbly and energetic!! Love it!!

  6. @Faraway Eyes & Dana- Hope you grabbed the award!

  7. @Crystal- Oh I know I have had that happen while driving :/ Awww Thanks and I enjoy your blogs also- Definitely hoping you grabbed the Sunshine Award!

  8. I suppose the Ray of Sunshine is the one the readers get when they read a blog and either think theres someone else out there with the same issues, or wow, my problem isnt so bad after all? Or or paraphrase the cliche on the greeting card says, if make sunshine for others you can't keep a ray if freaking sunshine from yourself.

  9. @Meg- I think it's like that. I had one little bit O' sunshine and then the whole Hostess fiasco became real when all that was left on the shelves of the Food Kat was crumbs. :(

  10. Congrats! Well deserved, girl! I just noticed you put my my Youtube link up. How awesome are you?! Thank you! I just finished a blog button, so stop by and grab it if you'd like. xo

  11. I just found that widget to do that :) And definitely will stop by and grab up the button! Thanks!

  12. Aw.. Your grandson sounds like a lit'l sweetie. :) I have two grandsons and I treasure every moment with them.. Congrats on the award. :) I'll be posting it sooon! Attention whore that I am you know I must grab it! :D I could watch It's A Wonderful Life in a continuous loop! AND White Christmas, my two faves. Great post - as always. :)

  13. @Magical Mystical MiMi- I agree on treasuring the moments with the grand kiddies. I have had a lot of laughs with them and just some of the things they say! Now I wouldn't call you an attention *%^$# :/ Love your blog, and glad you grabbed it up!

  14. Congratulations on your award! I haven't seen Christmas shoes but the song always makes me cry b/c my mom passed away on Christmas.
    Your grandson sounds like a cutey :)


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