Monday, January 14, 2013

"Spotlighting Kellie at Delightfully Ludicrous"

This week I have the honor of bringing you a truly funny blogger, Kellie who blogs @ Delightfully Ludicrous. I found Kellie's blog in May. One of her first postings I read was when she blogged The Dirty Cleaning Truth I was drawn to the post because cleaning homes is what I do for a living. Being a housekeeper is far from my fantasy dream job let me tall ya.  As my friends and I were stalking Kellie's blog the group was drawn away to an I Pad and a news article about a hospital in China who is giving new
meaning to the word, E.R. with it's Erotic Room closely resembling that of the No Tell Motel  and the doctors encouraging couples to spend $140 a night to stay there. It's kind of creepy what is the reason behind this? Where are the cameras? Is this part of the New Healthcare package coming to US? We are wondering, what Kellie's thoughts were on this:

"I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that sticking an infertile couple in a room that looks like a cross between Barbie's Kinky Playhouse and the Big Brother video diary room isn't going to do a damned thing to help them get pregnant.  In fact, if they're not careful they might just put their poor dears off sex forever!  Hell, those hideous feathered lamps would be enough to send me into a permanent state of celibacy.  The feathers ... oh god, the feathers! Huh, do you think maybe that's how pandas got so close to extinction?  It's not that they don't WANT to get freaky between the bamboo, it's just that all the "help" they keep getting from the scientific community is giving them a constant case of sorryhoneyihaveaheadacheitis.  If that room is anything to go by, Chinese scientists don't have the first clue about what will get someone hot and bothered! Here's a little tip for you, Mr Chinese Doctor, stick to the classics.  Champagne, strawberries, silk sheets and Marvin Gaye." 
Nothing's going to beat "Let's Get It On" in the panty dropping department. 
We also wanted to hear a little about Kellie's blog Delightfully Ludicrous, so we asked her to tell us a little about her blog her inspirations for writing her blog pieces, and also if she has plans to blog in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge? She tells us:
I started Delightfully Ludicrous back in May with no real idea of what I wanted to do with it or what areas I'd like to write about.  Don't we all though?  I think blogging is very much a jump in feet first and see if you sink or swim enterprise.  No one plans ahead, if we did we'd all give it up as a bad job before we'd even written our first post.
But it didn't take me very long to learn where my strengths lie.  One, I'm good with sarcasm (I know it's the lowest form of wit, I'm just happy someone thinks I'm witty at all), and two, I have a sixth sense for the most ridiculous news articles out there.  I hate mainstream news, all the fighting and the killing and the drama, but there are some truly amazing things written about the ludicrous nature of the human race.  As the great Captain Picard once said, sometimes you just have to bow to the absurd.
As for writing in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, I'm not sure.  I'm still very new to this whole blogging thing so I haven't been participating in all the blog hops, jumps, parties, shindigs and shenanigans, although I do enjoy going to read the posts other people put up for them!  I'm probably a little intimidated to be honest.  It's one thing for me to blather on about something I've pulled out of thin air, but to write to someone else's specifications and be compared to all the amazing bloggers out there ... well, I'm a bit of a chicken at heart.  But best of British luck to all of you giving it a whirl!
So that's pretty much is.  Delightfully Ludicrous is just my attempt to poke fun at the weird and wonderful, and hopefully make a few people chuckle in the process.
Well I for one am glad she joined the blogging world and definitely enjoy reading her blog. Many thanks to Kellie for letting me add her to my weekly spotlight and hoping you go check our her blog @ Delightfully Ludicrous. to find out why Kellie will never do a beauty blog. I swear you will not be disappointed! 


  1. You are a stitch. And here where I live in Mexico, many of the locals don't have Tv's...and the women are all pregnant. Making babies, not watching TV, is their nighttime pass time.

  2. Kellie has a great blog! She's hilarious!

  3. I was just over there stalking Kellie. She's a riot! And she's got herself a superior name, if I do say so myself. ;-)

  4. @Em Musing- Hilarious and sounds like maybe they figured it all out before the Chinese Dr. :)
    @Dana & Kellie- I agree. Loved her post today on the beauty mask and from the sounds of it, I won't be trying it too soon. :) I know you will never know you had cuts on your fingers until squirting some hand sanitizer on them. :)

  5. That room sounds creepy.
    Kellie, hope you decide to join us for the A to Z Challenge. The first one four years ago changed my blog forever and I made some amazing friends.

  6. The two of you would do well in a laugh-off! :)

  7. Kelly has a wonderfully amazing way with words and I love that her posts range from the humorous to the thought provoking.

    I joined her blog when she first started out and she's eclipsed even me. But her ever growing popularity is well deserved. :)

  8. what a hoot! Thanks for introducing us to Kelly and her hilarious outtakes on life :)HOpe you both join in the A-Z fun.


  9. @Alex- Oh I def agree on that hospital room. Also hoping Kellie will check out the April Challenge! :)
    @DL- Hmm, a laugh off! :)
    @Lily- I agree with you on Kellie's blog!
    @Nutshell- I agree, she is so funny and as mentioned I am taking her word on the Lemon/Aspirin mask. :) I am, and hoping others who have never tried the April Challenge, will check it out too!

  10. hehe, you got me with the champagne drinking pandas thing!

  11. I just checked out her blog. Hilarious!
    This ER sounds interesting too, although I don't thinking it wouldn't get very positive results

  12. Aw shucks, I'm blushing here! Thanks for the spotlight, I had heaps of fun answering your questions ... although I may never get the image of that hospital room out of my brain.

  13. @Winopants- It's always 5 o'clock somewhere isn't it :)
    @Heather- I agree! She's great and Her blog always gives me something to laugh about!

  14. Kellie- Many thanks for playing along and I am with you on the whole hospital thing. I wonder that the lucky contestants get for prizes for playing along? :) Hoping you'll also maybe think about the April Blogging Challenge. :) Again many thanks!


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