Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Guest Posting: Just Ermie"

I know it's not Monday, but today I am posting the last of the Pimp My Blog at least until after the April Blogging Challenge. Today's guest posting is from Ermie who blogs @ Just Ermie. Sorry folks but the time change a few weeks ago still has me all messed up. Just Ermie is another of my favorite blogs to read. Ermie says,

"Wow! It would be a great honour to be pimped by your blog... or is it your blog that gets pimped? Either way, I'm sure I can find the appropriate pimp/pimped attire from one of our local charity shops. Of course, I can only pay you in forged monopoly money or a reciprocal shout out - let me know which you prefer. So, I guess you need some info? Well, the blog started because I quit my job as a teacher and I just wanted to put the world right; then I did last Year's April A-Z Blogging Challenge and realized that I really just wanted to rule. So it's basically part of my plan for world domination. I didn't complete last year's A-Z though as I was too busy sleeping but I'll have another go this year, with a slightly different theme - can't say what it is though as it's a special secret that even I don't know yet. My posts are generally inspired by sleep deprivation, megalomania and my cat. I also just adore all politicians and bankers, and occasionally get completely tangled up and confused by my own attempts at satire. Apart from blogging and ruling the world, I like to paint, am learning to write computer programs and I'm currently making an interactive Ermie eBook, all of which are part of the master plan. As for future plans for the blog? Probably more Ermie cartoons and for Ermie to become leader of the free world for ever.... you know, the usual stuff."

No need to pay me for the guest spot, but if you like just send some diet cheating goodies to my email or paypal. This whole healthier way of life and lifestyle of eating and exercise really really has me craving for things that are bad for me. I could go for something deep fried right now. Honestly though, I can't wait for warmer weather to start taking my walks again. I have only lost a few pounds and am maintaining a more healthier blood sugar level with this whole healthy lifestyle change. If only the "no smoking" thing was going as good. I have slowed down a bit, but not completely stopped. Ermie is working on an e-book? That's very cool! Keep us posted on it! Your cartoons on your blog are pretty cool. I am not that talented. The last time I tried painting anything was the rooms in my house. Many many thanks to Ermie for stopping by and I am hoping that you will stop by and visit her blog, Just Ermie!


  1. Ernie, do you want to rule the blogging world or the whole world? Need to know these things...

  2. @Alex - Huh? You mean the blogging world isn't the whole world?! ;-)
    @Gossip_Girl - Cheers for the post and the pimping. Catch you later on the A-Z. :-)

  3. Emie:

    You're funny.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. I love Ermie... mostly because when the domination starts I want to be on the right side! :-)

    Hi Gossip_Girl :-D


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