Monday, November 25, 2013

"You Should'a Seen That Rack"

Today is the first day of gun season for hunting. We are a family of hunters so the goal is to get some nice venison for the freezer. Apple fed sounds really tasty for mine! We are also hoping for a turkey or two since I've cleaned out the freezer in preparation for the coming hunting season. Country fellas have spent several months preparing for the season. For instance things like, which baits they will use; doe pee or the more powerful doe in season bombs is about all that has been on their
minds. They have been out setting up their tree stands in just the right spot and setting out a deer lick or two. 'Round here, hunting season is a religious holiday and the fellas (and some gals) take it very serious. Many guys have grown a beard for the event and to the more serious and seasoned of hunters last Thursday was the last bath they will have for a week or two, some longer. This time of year most definitely divides the city slicker from the country folks. This is the time of year that the city slickers come out in their little protest groups. I wish someone would tell them ahead of time that there is no way they will ever convince a country fella that dandelion soup is better than that 8 point buck standing there looking all tasty! They are not too convincing to my hubby with that. Mention deer, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, duck or any other game animal to my hubby and he'll start talking about all the fixin's. For a couple of years the hubby has been talking about doing some bear hunting. I don't know if it will be this season though. Last year a friend shared some of his bear meat and I know some of you are probably gagging,  In case you are wondering, yes I tasted that bear meat and it was pretty good. Oh and when country fellers say, "You should'a seen the rack on it" they aren't talking about your woman. They are talking about a buck and probably have taters and gravy dancing in their heads not sugarplums!


  1. MMm sounds yummy. I think game is much more ethical eating than farmed animals anyway. I wish to get back to Finland someday, and to the countryside....

  2. Mrs C Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree on the game for food with so many additives, GMO's, pesticides, hormones, steroids and this list can go on in our foods I am not a fan of grocery store purchased meats. When my freezer gets low I find myself eating more veggies. It is nice that my hubby knows some local farmers where he has purchased when they butcher.

  3. All work grinds to a halt the first week as well because everyone is out hunting.

  4. I was tasked many years ago to get a turkey for our family Thanksgiving. I went out with my trusty gun and waited and froze my balls off. I ended up getting one from Stop and Shop.

    II don't hunt anymore and it's not because I'm "holier than thou" and think we shouldn't, nope, it's too cold and too fricking early in the morning.

  5. Alex I hear that! The hubby only works three days this week because they are closing many of the job sites for hunting season so his season won't start until Thursday!

    Kevin- Oh I agree on the cold. Down here in WV it gets cold, but up north it is normally cold enough to freeze the eyes or so it seems when the weatherman puts up his little weather maps! When the hubby goes out he takes lots of those warm hands packs for gloves and inside his boots.

  6. I think my next husband should be a hunting man. My freezer is just in need of a good de-frosting, and all the junk in it chucked away. Other half likes to fill it with not so nice foods.... Bleugh.

  7. I got left out of the hunting training when I was a kid. That's probably a long story. I'll say this, though, my great-grandmother made the best squirrel dumplings anywhere.

  8. Mrs C Hilarious! And yes he should be a hunting feller! :) I clean my freezer at least every year and a half. You know when veggies get all freezer burned they don't resemble what I put in there! :/

  9. Andrew I don't think you are ever too old to pick up the sport of hunting. The only time I ever ate squirrel dumplings was when my mother in law fixed them. We eat them fried up.

  10. Venison. Yum.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  11. Greetings,

    Yes, it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

    Now your hunting season is quite different that what happens here in lil' ol' England. y'all.

    Besides, I've been told hedgehog meat aint too tasty.

    And bear meat. What a grizzly thought...

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)


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