Thursday, December 5, 2013

"They Saw What?"

I was going to post this in November but since it caused another gray hair, I saved it to post with my other December postings. I have a chatter box (scanner). One morning as I was getting ready for work I heard a call to 9-1-1; actually on day two of hunting season.  Someone called to report Suspicious Activity. Two men dressed all in camo just got out of a pick up truck. All three were carrying rifles and shotguns and headed into the woods as the caller was driving by

Hello Its hunting season in these parts! Sort of reminds me of the lady freaking out at Walmart several months ago when I went to get some canning jars and was looking at purchasing a bigger pressure canner. I have no idea what triggered her crazy outburst and why it was necessary to alert managers. It's really funny though,  those out of state transplants have no problem coming to this state to live, while keeping their vehicle(s) registered in another state to avoid paying personal property taxes that is put on the people of WV, but see a hunter during hunting season or a person who is shopping for canning materials and it's time to alert the authorities!
And people wonder why we say, Keep driving until you hit the state lines cuz we don't want or need yer agenda's 'round here! Citizens who call to report the tax offenders in their neighborhood won't see an officer or squad car because that is not an emergency but see a hunter during hunting season and it's treated like All Hands on Deck!!!

In case you are wondering here are a few more 9-1-1 goodies from my hometown

*Lady calls 9-1-1 to say that she's been drinking all day and isn't feeling too well. She thinks she needs checked out by a doctor.
*Caller reported someone unconscious sleeping on their porch. They tried waking him and he doesn't live there.
*Caller reported that she has heard a man yelling all day in her apartment building, but now she heard a female yell help, so thought she better call for the police.
*Girl called 9-1-1 to report that her ex and his new girlfriend are posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter
*Caller reporting that someone is hiding in the garage and wants the person to apologize in person, not over the phone.
*Callers daughters boyfriend has her daughters puppy and now they want it back.
*Lady calls 9-1-1 to say she has about had enough with her 13 y/o daughter who keeps kicking her. Girl done stormed outta the house in her PJ's. Mother wants the bad ass mouth teen....gone!
*Female called 9-1-1 to report a domestic and that her boyfriend won't let her leave. Female caller (girlfriend) doesn't know his name.
*Male Caller reporting that his uncle is kicking him out and he is not happy.


  1. People are weirdos. Even in Florida. LOL!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  2. Apparently it is hard for siblings to get along when they are also cousins.

    I think a deer made that first 911 call.

    good stuff!

  3. Shelly I'm glad to hear that the craziness seems to be appearing everywhere I was beginning to question toxic air around here. :)

    JoeH I often hear some of the funniest stuff come over the chatter box sometimes I think about a weekly posting of them. It's also possible that a deer did make the call. They can be pretty smart when you're hunting one for the freezer. :)

  4. One of the biggest punchlines to a WV joke is about the cousin/sibling marrying. WV doesn't allow to marry the kin folk. Now you can marry kin in Virginia and other states. So the whole cousin siblings in WV would have transplanted here from another state.

  5. I used to hate scanners. Now, I may need to get one for the laughs.
    I'd like to hear more about the crazy lady and the pressure canner.

  6. I had a thought. Didn't the guys that bombed the Boston Marathon use a pressure canner for the bomb? Maybe she was worried you were terrorists.

  7. Ruth It is possible she got caught up in the moment maybe but it was in August this happened. LOL I just wanted to can my veggies! I have a small one but I had a mess of tomatoes and green beans and having the larger quart size would save a lot of time. :)

  8. What a useful way to call 911:) Lets hope that in the future, it will be used for real emergencies.

  9. Lady Lilith I agree especially the calls everyday of the drug dealers calling to report a theft of their drugs. Really!!!

  10. :D cracked a whopping smile reading this and then started chuckling away with the comments added... :D

  11. Mrs C As I was posting another call came in from someone claiming that a person had stolen their heroin. :/ Of course that is an emergency all hands on deck. Weirder yet is that the cops investigate it with man hours and tax dollars. I don't understand why they don't tell them it is a civil matter and send them to the magistrate.

  12. That's a new level of special. Truly. :D

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