Monday, January 27, 2014

"Announcements And Posts With A New Home"

Today I am blogging at The Divine Secrets of the Menopausal Sisterhood the new home for my menopause postings and just in case you didn't catch a couple of my postings, this new site is where I will be posting anything and everything related to this wonderful time of life- menopause. I hope that if you've enjoyed reading my menopausal postings here, that you will join me there today for my posting, The Grandma Effect

Here is a teaser for today's posting:
You probably read that title to this post and you are shaking your head or at the very least you are wondering, what in the heck is the Grandma Effect? I will answer that question now. Just what is the grandma affect? The grandma affect is that moment that at about age forty, forty something or maybe older... 

You didn't think I was going to give away the spoiler did you? Well I guess if you want to know more about the grandma effect you will just have to stop over and read about it! You can't say you aren't just a little bit curious about it.

ALSO Don't forget
A reminder to all bloggers interested that the  A-Z April Blogging Challenge sign ups start today. Are you signing up?


  1. I don't know if I am doing the A-Z. If I do, it will be just one blog. I've done both the last three years. Mentally I don't know that I am up for it this year.
    I will check out your knew blog. I am slowing heading to that time in my life.

  2. New blog, I mean. Maybe it is too early to be writing.

  3. Ruth Shoo I don't know if I'd be up to posting on two blogs for A-Z that would be a challenge of it's own to do! WTG for accomplishing it on two blogs all these years. This year, I haven't made a decision yet on what I will do. I have a really cool theme I've been thinking about doing that would work with A-Z I'm just really undecided right now. :/ Thanks for checking out the new blog about all things menopausal. :)
    LOL I know what you mean on the too early. I've been up since 4 am. :)

  4. That's right - the A to Z list is open for business!

  5. I've already been to your other blog and I love it. I'll be visiting again today.. :) I don't know if you had your follower button up when I was there but if not, you should def put one up. Yours will be the ONLY menopausal blog I'll be reading. There's one other one that just drives me - and quite a few other people crazy - yours is WAY better and I'll be promoting the hell out of it for you

  6. Alex I was really undecided on whether or not I was going to do the challenge this year. I had a couple of pet peeves from last year that no doubt I'll post about.

    Mimi- Awwww Thank You. I am still unable to get that danged button to work. :/ Many thanks for helping get the word out on my new blog page. :)


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