Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Blog It Forward Blog Spotlights

I love blog crawling to find new blogs and really love it when bloggers come along and find this little corner of the world wide web of blogging. I have only been blogging since 2011 and have found some great blogs to read and blogger buddies. Others have found my little blog spot right here. I was trying to come up with a system to visit this many blogs a week or day to catch up the blogs who follow here. There are so many that it would take more than one day.  It was then that I had an idea for a Friday blog series. I am calling it Blog It Forward What a great way to share others talents and hard work! Catch up reading! I
have yet to run into a blogger who doesn't want their blog found or doesn't like someone stopping by and dropping a comment. I started the blog spotlights a couple of years ago, but stopped them before A-Z that year and never picked them up again.

This would be just a small way of paying it forward and sharing others little spots in the blog world and to those who follow this blog a great big thanks. I want to share all of your blogs! I wish I could share all of them in one day. Everyone who has a blog works very hard on their blog. There are so many creative and talented bloggers in the blog world.

You won't be asked to compete in an event or to answer silly questions or anything like that. Of course if you don't want me featuring your blog here you can always opt out by leaving a comment here. My plan is to start the Blog It Forward this Friday! Right now just seeking input on how you feel about the idea of a Blog It Forward spotlights!? A lot of bloggers spotlight other blogs so if you think they are boring or don't like them? Tell me. If you like the idea? Let me know.


  1. Finding new blogs is always fun - great idea!

  2. Alex and Annalisa Quite a few are blogs just starting out. Others have been around a long time. I just want to share! :)

  3. Excellent idea!

    I really enjoyed featuring the blogs of others during the A to Z. I bet you find it rewarding, too.

  4. Good idea! I have too many blogs on my bloglist that have quit for various reasons, which makes me sad as I'm not into the "mainstream" blogging, which seems to be advertising clothes brands in the name of fashion.... :D

  5. Shelly and Joe Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you guys don't mind a future spotlight!

    Robin Your spotlights in April were fabulous! Doubtful I can compare to that!

    Mrs C That is one reason why I want to do these for bloggers like yourself needing some fans! I do hope you stop back Friday! :)

  6. A couple years ago, I used to do a monthly post where I spotlighted blogs that captured my interest for whatever reason. I took a blog break one time and just never got back tothe practice.

    I like your idea.

  7. Donna I had started them last year for writers and bloggers and celebrating Indie! I am in a sharing mood! :)


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