Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog It Forward: My Morning Cup of Coffee

Today is Friday and time once again for another Blog It Forward Spotlight. 
Today my Blog It Forward is paying respect to the blogger known as The Coffee Lady and her fans The Coffee Klatcher Club Come
for the coffee and stay for the fun @ My Morning Cup of Coffee

"This blog promises low key, ad free, promotion and give away free, simple. The sometimes all over the place personal blog that promises to lay down the gray hair and stare at the blank walls and drink coffee and all at the same time!" ~The Coffee Lady 
The coffee lady is getting ready for a family camping trip. Oh No! Boy I feel her pain in this. Last year ours turned into seventeen people with tents in two spots when I wanted to be on the other side of the campground.

It would be silly not to share this blog with you. I hope that you will stop by her blog where it is Coffee O'Clock all of the time and visit The Coffee Lady today.

pic credit: My Morning Cup of Coffee


  1. I will stop by her blog :) hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. Wow, Thanks for the promotion. I had no idea. Very cute.


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