Saturday, June 21, 2014

Oh No They Di'int

For those who like to read blogs on the weekend I am letting you in on a little weekend secret. It was brought to my attention that I use the online name of Gossip GrL for blogging and writing yet I don't really have a lot of Gossip or Gossipy type posts! A few emails from the inbox fan club have went from Why? To Waaaaaa... hiney and I am running out of cheese for all of that whine.

What me? Not Gossipy enough you say? Well it's about ready to get full blown gossip up in this place!

I have decided that once a week that I am going to scoop it up and dish it out! Sometimes it may be
sprinkled with chocolate; other times with a turd on top of it!!! Whatever and Whoever? That is anyone's guess! Oh No They Di'int!!!!! The pleasure of the day!

Who knows? I may just dish out the name of the man that I once wrote about. The man who stalked me and tried to kidnap me when I was fifteen for whatever god known reason he did that! The one who didn't get in trouble with the law and now works with a local kids group.

These posts can be about anything, anybody, real people, Facebook's continuing saga of The Edge of Night Insanity, a loony news story that I can put a funny twist to.... Anything.  As long as there is the Internet, social networks, Bollywood, The Harper Valley PTA and society around me I shouldn't run out material too soon!

If I see someone dressed like Mr. Brown from Meet the Brown's there is no doubt I'll talk about it. If someone is caught twerking behind the Shenandoah Motel or the grave yard behind the funeral home... There is no doubt I am gonna talk about that one too! To those peeping in windows I am dishing it out! Stealing undies, groping people in public places? I'll be scooping that out like Baskin Robins!

Everything is fair game in Oh No They Di'int!!!!! Just like everything else in life people will either love it or hate it!

I will include a...Disclaimer: Putting on some Carly Simon's You're So Vain on for those that probably think this is about you. You're so vain, I'll bet you think this is about you Don't you? Don't You?

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  1. I think one should be able to have an opinion of somewhere between love and hate for eg. like or dislike or even somewhat like.

  2. I always wondered how to spell Di'int!

    As a guy I don't like gossip...we call it "Dirt!"

    I think I already volunteered to anonymously out that dude so that if he was Googled he would be found. Offer still stands.

  3. Munir My intention is not to hurt anyone and of course if need be I will go Dragnet and change the names to protect the innocent. The intent is to purely entertainment! I need something to laugh about!

    Cranky I had to go to call my kids up asking for the spelling on di'int! :)
    As stated the posts are purely for entertainment! I will of course change the names to protect the innocent when it arises except the cop who stole all those drugs and guns from the evidence room and sold them. Then gets slapped with a $5.00 fine? Oh yeah! OR
    The creeper who is creeping in the neighborhood with tags from NY, AND who just exposed himself at the local neighborhood convenience store to that lady with a van full of kids BUT the cops say they can't do anything about it!

  4. Go for it. Gossip isn't my thing either, but I come for your awesome snarky humor.

  5. Alex Hilarious! And I am glad that someone likes to read here! The pressure is on. Now I don't know whether to share the diddy about Geoff Geoff with a G or WTH You Talk'n 'bout Willis?

    The nickname Gossip was many years ago. Age four I believe when I used to tattle tell everything. After my mom and dad got into a little argument (really the first time I ever heard them argue about anything) I went and gave my grandma a play by play detail. What she said. What he said. I added GrL to it for a CB Handle. :) Oh those days were the days!

  6. Can't wait to read the weekly gossip. The paparazzi has been following me for years!

  7. Our windsock is back in the gutter. Is that dirty enough for you??? ha!

  8. Excellent! I like this. Go into snark overdrive and hey, a bit of cynical sarcasm works for me, if you want to try that. Of course, personally, I would never be cynical or sarcastic, ever! :)

    I promise not to gossip about your post. LOL

    Y'all have a nice Sunday.


  9. Optimist Existentilist Hilarious! Shoot I may just have to scoop it out! The last time I was followed it was by the police to tell me I had a light out! Does that count as paparazzi?

    Robin OMG Dishing the dirt for real!

    Gary You are so funny! I hope you'll stop by and read!


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