Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Things I Learned While Working In Retail

Over the past couple of weeks while shopping I have been reminded on several occasions exactly why I do not now nor am I considering work in retail. Shoot when I did work in retail I taped over my name tag "Does Not Play Well With Others" but you know it never came up on any job review I had. While I was limited to convenience store I am sure this post goes for just about any type of retail clerk. 

Here are the results of some notes taken:

Nine times out of ten, the customer is wrong, otherwise they would be standing behind the register.There are  a lot of times that the customer is not always right especially when they change the stickers on priced items or they are telling me how to do my job. I was working there when most of them were still pooping in their diapers.

Saying: Excuse me! When I am wearing this uniform or I have been here for three days without sleep This is my home. I can look at anything I want to in my home!

There is a lot of truth in the saying you will not be afraid of hell once you have worked in retail!

Even on the good days you seem to be wearing your broken pair of ruby red slippers. There really is No Place Like Home.

A cop once told me that working in retail was more dangerous than being a police officer. They can say that. They are allowed to carry weapons to work.

Open 24 hours a day means there is no such thing as: 9-5, holidays, vacations, sick days or any other benefit.

Open 24/7 as if it is a matter of life and death situation.

A $2.00 Keno win is not that important when there is a State of Emergency for a blizzard or during a tornado warning.

I can't count the number of times I made this announcement over the loud speaker: "Excuse me, your car engine is on fire, can you please pull away from
the gas pumps please! Thank you for your attention to the matter."

You don't have to leave, but ya gotta get the hell outta here.

On ID'ing a customer for cigarettes or alcohol: Store clerks are not there for public abusing pleasure. Learn the damn laws!

On many days, there is virtually no meaning at all behind, "Have a nice day!"

Relating to shoplifting and gas drive offs: Only about 1 in 10 vehicles have the correct tag #'s on them. The town could make a killing off of a police sting in the parking lot.

Despite the high cost of living, convenience stores stay pretty busy.

Lottery: The method of going broke by people who swear they are not addicted.

Retail- Where everyday, is the dawn of a new terror.


  1. I can't believe you had to tell people to move away from the gas when they were on fire... It's scary these people are allowed to drive a car all by themselves!

  2. I loved this. Especially your last line. Working in retail is the new slavery deal in America if you ask me. They don't care if you're sick, have a family, or if you would like to take 1 day out of their precious scheduling to worship God.

    As for the public, they think they're the better class of American slavery.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  3. I never did this I am happy to say.

    I think that cop is right, I would hate working behind the cash register at 11:00 pm.

    My mom loved in a town so small the 7-11 closed at 5.

  4. I appreciate your patience. Infact I appreciate those who patiently deal these matters subsiding their actual irritation !
    24*7 open stores- I can imagine the pain of ppl who work for them :(

  5. You forgot the only ten hours a week barely over minimum wage pay and being expected to be available on all holidays.

  6. Annalisa Oh yeah on the announcement! I gave them about a minute of reaction time. You wouldn't believe those that was too busy talking on their phone to pay attention to the flames. Those were the days! :)

    Shelly Exactly! In all my years of working there I called in only one time because I was sick. My manager took me off the schedule until we had a meeting. After that I expected everyone to get their asses in there sick or not but for some reason it never worked out like that. In fact I was the one they called on my days off begging to come in because of a call off!

    JoeH I did my time on the graveyard and many times by myself after climbing the ladder to management. I had the robbery prevention training and Lord knows how I would have reacted had I ever been robbed and TG that never happened for me to find out!
    The 7-11 in your mothers town most likely closed at 5 because they didn't make sales after a certain time.

    Afshan The first 90 days of training I may have been that patient person but after I got a real taste all bets were off after that. If someone slid me money across the counter that is how I returned their change back. Some folks don't know this but a cashier can return your change in the manner in which you gave the clerk the money! I got to the place if they slammed the money on the counter that is exactly how I returned their change back! :)

    Taryn Oh you got that one right! Although I do have to say that many retail and convenience stores do give raises and they do offer shift differential. Once I made it to Assistant Manager though there were clerks working night shift who still made more than I did even as an assistant! :(


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