Friday, July 11, 2014

Blog It Forward: Black Coffee and Cigarettes

Today is Friday and time once again for another Blog It Forward Spotlight.

Today my Blog It Forward is paying respect to blogger Kirsten Hart
also known as Just Ermie and her blog @ Black Coffee and Cigarettes
pic credit: Kirsten Hart
"Welcome to my blog. I suppose it would only be polite to introduce myself, so grab yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and I'll tell you all about it... I've been blogging fairly regularly for over a couple of years now. It all started when I quit my job in December 2011 and, finding myself out of work with not much to do all day, I started a little blog called Just Ermie. The blog itself didn't have any particular focus at first and was really just something I used to pass the time and get a few things off my chest. But after a while, it started to develop into something else. Something fun and silly that gave me some light relief from the pressures of self-imposed unemployment. The main thing is, that doing the Ermie blog got me into writing again - writing and painting and photography and all sorts of other creative pursuits. So, while Ermie is busy doing her thing over there, I'll be over here drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and blogging about all the other good stuff.
That's pretty much it for now but do feel free to have a look around or pop back later. The coffee is always on. Thanks for reading."

I hope you will stop by and visit Black Coffee and Cigarettes. I have some catching up to do today on blog reading and commenting due to the storm that ripped through here and left us without power for a couple of days. 

Resources for this post:
Pic Credit: Kirsten Hart
The blog @ Black Coffee and Cigarettes


  1. I love reading Kirsten's blog - a great person to highlight!

  2. You are most kind in bringing awareness to a fellow blogger.

    Upon reading what Kirsten has to to say, I'm delighted that blogging has been a catalyst in her getting that writing spark. Kirsten, you are embracing all the positive aspects of a blog. Very glad to meet you. I shall check you out.

    Thanks for this. Have a lovely Sunday.

    Gary :)


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