Friday, July 25, 2014

Blog It Forward: Mildred Ratched Deja Moo

Today is Friday and time once again for another Blog It Forward Spotlight. Excited?

Today my Blog It Forward is paying it forward to funny blogger Mildred Ratched's blog @ Deja Moo Where the cow pastures smell way too familiar.

I joined Mildred's Merry Misfits several months ago. This week as I have had the chance to scope out her pages at Deja Moo. There were times that my sides were hurting from reading some of her postings and laughing. In case you haven't yet visited her blog her blog statement reads, 

"Poster child for birth control (1960's), Flying Fickle Finger of Fate recipient and Blue Ribbon Black Sheep (1970's - 1990's), Member of The League of the Ridiculously Obscure, HRH, the most exalted troglodyte and saucy tart extraordinaire (2000 - Present), an otherwise typical peace-loving, semi-mature hippie, bleeding heart liberal, devout heathen, aspiring writer and artist, devoted pet owner and animal lover (especially black sheep, underdogs and stray cows), skillful chain yanker and expert troller in search of witty banter and indecent proposals."

I hope you take the time to stop over and check out her very funny blog postings. Now I need to get back to reading her post Please Give Me Chocolate and Roses because I think I am blogging it all wrong!!!! Also...

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