Monday, August 18, 2014

After The Week I Had!

I am back! I know this probably has some if not all wanting to run for the hills... which by the way is exactly what I did last week. The hubby told me last Friday his plans. A camping trip. I just didn't announce it to the world of social media like I see many others do. You know them too. They announce....

I take it they have never had someone break into their home. I had that happen many years ago. I can't even describe in words how violated that makes you feel as well as the feelings associated with personal safety in your own home afterwards.

We had plans to leave on Monday afternoon. Well on Monday we had to go pay our property taxes for our house first. Didn't want to accidentally spend that money if ya know what I mean. The next thing you know your house is up for auction on the court house steps. We backed into the driveway to finish packing the last few things and BAM the brake line in the truck broke. Brake fluid came rushing out in the driveway.

That was all fixed by Tuesday afternoon except...
Now I have all sorts of feelings. Is the truck safe to drive? Was that some sort of premonition to something? My guess now is YES to the premonitions. Always listen to that gut feeling. Sometimes it doesn't give you the in between details.

We arrived at the campground on Tuesday evening about four. Set up camp and then went to gather firewood when along comes a thunderstorm and heavy pouring down rains which lasted all through the night. We were able to start a small fire because we picked up a bag of sticks at the 7-Eleven driving in.

On Wednesday morning the sun was shining so we packed the fishing gear and cooler in the truck for a day on the lake. I caught nothing. The hubby caught sixteen fish. Mostly Blue Gill. Two nice sized keepers which we ate for supper. Three bass that were under twelve inches so threw them back in to grow some more along with a turtle. After all day on the lake we headed back to the campground.

Before driving in we once again stopped at the 7-Eleven for another bag of sticks, but gathered some still damp wood along the way. Once at the site we are unloading the firewood when the campers next to us appear at our site.

Hello. We are the neighbors and we are homeless. Can we get some of that wood?
So I tell the hubby to give him some wood. We can always get more tomorrow. We have plenty for a nice fire tonight.
Then the stranger says, We don't want to put you out, but we are going to need about ten bucks.
Huh? We don't have but twenty dollars between us. Feeling sorry I give him ten dollars. 
Then the stranger says, I'm going to need a ride into town now?
What now? It's like 7:30. So off we go back into town. We just got back.
I guess he thought I was staying at the campsite The little Mrs could use some company
Hello! We don't even know you. Neither of us will take you anywhere alone. I get into the back of the truck and fish out the small slugger from under the backseat along with some of what I see as useful tools from the hubby's tool bag. Just in case. Of course we didn't need them, but who knows in this day and age.

We get back, light the lanterns because now it is pitch black dark. I start the fire while the hubby is lighting the place and I get our supper going. No sooner than the food was on... Here they come... Oh Damn we only have two fish! I brought the little Mrs for some company for your wife.
What? I don't want company. I suddenly hate company. Please go away. Of course I am screaming that in my head. She is telling me about where they came from and the long line of police family. Meanwhile he is talking to the hubby. playing songs from his phone to the hubby telling him which are his favorite and, It's pretty dark at our place can we get one of those lanterns from you?
The hubby says NO I don't even give them to my own kids, and I know them personally.  They tell us about how they've been evicted from the campground. How they have food stamps in North Carolina and Virginia when he says, They told us that we need to move to Martinsburg. 
Huh? Who? What? Martinsburg where? Our Martinsburg? But wait... Alarms start going off in my head. They know our names even though we didn't tell them and they know where we are from? We didn't tell them that either. But how? Oh my only guess is that'd be from the check in card posted on the board at the entrance that you are required to fill out. Your name, where your from etc... So I am assuming while we were gone for the day they got all of our personal info from our check in card. Oh how nice!

Hours later we finally get to eat our cold food but I now have no appetite. We talk about our plans for Thursday which by the way is our anniversary. We are going to get up, go visit some sites, come back to camp and get a shower and then go to the little restaurant in town for dinner. Except... After breakfast on Thursday morning who should appear at our site. The little Mrs talked it over with your wife and said you would take me into another town which was about an hour away. The hubby looks at me. I said, No one asked me shit. So, we get him into the town he needed go and spend the next four hours there.
On the way back he says, The little Mrs talked to your wife and we are going to need ten more dollars. 
Uh no one talked to me 'bout that either but hey! Now we don't have any money and I won't be lying when I say it or have anything to feel guilty about. 

Finally we get back to camp and unload him and the six boxes of food that he got from a food pantry. We have enough time to quickly get dressed and get back in to town so we can have a quiet dinner. Once there I said when we get back to camp, we are going to start packing the truck. We have neighbors at home just like these two campers. I came to get away from them and yet, here we are camping beside what I swear are two of their family members. At least at home I can slam the front door shut on those two. Here there are no doors to slam shut!

On Friday morning we pulled out. A day sooner than we wanted. When we got home I said I have a mind to email the park rangers about our stay and the homeless couple up there in the woods. And especially how they took the information from our check in card. I did just that on Saturday morning.

In the future I am taking a huge cardboard box to write our camping rules:

We have no money/dinero
Our casa/el campamento is not su casa/el campamento
Stay the hell away
We are here to camp and fish not for the company. We can stay home and be bothered by neighbors just like you. 

I can play music loud to bother other campers if need be. I can be that obnoxious camper that no one likes to have around if I have to be.
I will NEVER fill my check in card in again. I will turn it over with a note that it will be completed on the day we leave. If they need that information sooner they will have to stop by our campsite before we leave to go fishing.
I also now have the Park Rangers number in my phone and will not think twice about calling them in the future.

This is not the first time we have went there to find homeless campers, in fact the other times before we left we gave them all of what we had in our coolers before we left. We gave them all the firewood left at our site.

Before you even ask I didn't want to be an ass. I felt sorry for them, but they over extended themselves over and beyond. Especially the little story about having food stamps in North Carolina and Virginia and possibly New Jersey. They said that is where they were originally from. They took information from our check in card. Never have we had that happen... ever! Apparently these two were told to leave the campground the week before because of the very same thing bothering other campers. So, we were not the only campers to complain about them.


  1. Well now I will never go camping!

    Not that it was going to happen anyway.

    Holy cow were you nice...I would have packed up and gone as soon as they asked for $10.

  2. JoeH Hilarious! I will no doubt still go camping, next time with a game plan!

    I really don't feel nice with all the thoughts in my head that I wanted to say, but I did feel sorry for them. A long time ago we too were without a home for a few months. I know what that is like.

    I didn't think I had a bright neon sign flashing though. It was like the more that we did, the more they wanted. :(

    Also sneaking shots kept me mellow at least that is what I think caused it.

  3. You were much nicer than I would've been. They might have got some wood, but that would've been the end of it. Wasn't there anyone else they could bug?

  4. Alex There was a young couple that was setting up when we arrived. Not sure it is possible that they had been bugging them first. We never asked them. I think what bugs me the most about it all is not the sharing wood or sparing a couple bucks what really peeves me is that they took out info from our check in card. :(

  5. I'm thinking the next time you go camping, Hubby should loudly ask while setting up, "HONEY, WHERE ARE THE SHOTGUN SHELLS?"

  6. Back when I was in my early 20s, there was this guy who always just happened to be out at my car whenever I was going anywhere. He also just happened to always need a ride. Which, at first, was fine, except that he always needed me to wait for him, and the waiting kept getting longer and longer.
    There's more to that story, but it sounds about the same to me.

  7. You and your husband were far too nice! It's like feeding a stray'll never be rid of them!!!
    Sorry they ruined your trip...


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