Monday, August 25, 2014

Blog If Forward: Life Is A Highway

I know today is Monday and normally I post an off the wall gossip post. I will post it another time because today the Blogging World is at a great loss. I learned from another blogger last night that Tina Downey who blogs at Life Is Good passed away this weekend. Many of you may not know her. Others who participated in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge may know her as one of the moderators of the blog challenge. She was also often present on the A-Z blog, the A-Z Road Trip and Alex's Monthly Insecure Writers Group as well as many other blogs that I follow.

The first time I participated in the A-Z was in 2011. I had so many questions about it as a first time participant in the challenge and Tina sent me an email. She was a big help to me that first year of the A-Z Challenge along with several others. She was also one of the first handful of people who followed my blog. I am saddened by the news of her passing and also that I haven't gotten to her name yet in my Blog It Forward Spotlights to spotlight and show off her blog to readers. So for today

Remembering Tina @ Life Is Good

Along the blogging way I lost touch with her blog in this years April blog challenge. She was a constant supporter of many of the blogs that I follow. I went back to an older post of Tina's from the 2011 April Blog Challenge when she posted,

"Life Is A Highway Life is a Highway...I wanna ride it, all night long... I've long been a fan of kids' movies. I guess it started with all the babysitting I did as a teenager (starting at 50 cents an hour...) when I'd watch those movies with the kids I was entertaining. Back at our house, TV was strictly monitored to two hours a week. I know, right? HOW did we survive??? You can read the rest of this post on her blog at... Life Is A Highway
 "Sigh. It's an uphill battle. But I've got the soundtrack. “I wanna ride it, all night long..."

Rest In Peace You will be missed by many

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  1. Tina made such an impact on others. I will miss her so much.


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