Friday, August 22, 2014

Blog It Forward: Musings Of An Unapologetic Dreamer

Today is Friday and time once again for another, Blog It Forward Blog Spotlight

Today my Blog It Forward is paying it forward to the Optimistic Existentialist who blogs @ Musings Of An Unapologetic Dreamer

So from the Musings of the Unapologetic Dreamer:

My Photo"Last night I was doing a lot of thinking and asked myself: "If you could have ANYTHING you want right now, what would it be?" It's actually quite interesting to ponder. Instead of just giving an instinctive answer like, A HUGE RAISE or ICE CREAM CAKE, I wanted to come up with a real answer...what do I really want?

Right now...what I really would like is...internal clarity. A sense of peace that is hard to come by yet is desired by everyone. I know that it seems like a rather intangible or abstract thing to want when anwering my initial question but it is my answer nonetheless. I have SO many dreams and goals in life and I am simply not sure which one to pursue. All of them you say? Well if the human life span were 200 years then that might be possible...but seeing as though our lives move incredibly fast it's obviously not possible for me to acheive all my goals, so I am left with deciding which ones to pursue.

The list of my goals and dreams is beyond the scope of this particular post (but would be a good topic for a future blog post). Perhaps I need to work on narrowing down my list of things I want to accomplish, but really what's the fun in that? Maybe someday I'll have the answer to the question of what I am meant to do, where I am meant to be, and who I am meant to share that journey with. It's ok that I don't have any of these answers today...but, to answer the question that is the title of this blog piece, if I could have anything I wanted right would be the answers to those very questions.

The meaning of life is to give life a meaning..."

What can I say? I love his blog and his take on the meaning of life! I hope you will stop by and visit his encouraging blog.

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  1. Keith is wonderful! I always enjoy his thought-provoking posts.

    Have a great weekend. ☺

  2. Dana I agree! His posts are refreshing to read.

  3. Excellent choice! Keith knows how to ask the questions that make you think.

  4. Alex For sure! And I just couldn't pass up not mentioning his blog after reading his Waterfall post!

  5. Yay, Keith's blog is fantastic! Good choice.

  6. Annalisa I thought about your post from a couple of weeks ago when I read his post on Waterfalls!

  7. Oh wow what a surprise! Thank you so much for all your kind words about my blog :) I am honored and humbled. Have a great weekend :)

  8. Optimistic No problem. Your blog is definitely worth a spotlight and mention!

  9. I love Keith's blog!!! Perfect highlight. :)


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