Thursday, August 7, 2014

Next Week: A Blog Break

Lately on Thursday I have been posting some vintage goodies. Today I am skipping that because I wanted to let you know that starting on Monday I will be away from the computer all week. I know some if not all of you are no doubt relieved to read that news. Go ahead and dig out your old Three Dog Night 45 throw it on the turn table and sing, Celebrate and toast this news.

You see Thursday the 14th is our wedding anniversary. Thirty three years this year. Now I know that thirty
three isn't really a biggy but since most of our friends, family and guests in 1981 only gave us two years for it to last, each year to us is a milestone.

What I can remember about August 14, 1981 of what was supposed to be the happiest day of my life didn't quite turn out to be exactly that. That was the summer my mama woke up one day a toss up between the personality of Margaret White (in case you don't know Margaret White is Carrie's mom in the movie, Carrie) with a hint of Joan Crawford in her personality. Then there was my daddy who came pretty close to walking me down the aisle with his shotgun tucked under his arm. Some day I will have to blog about all of that. Right now I just want to think of happy thoughts.

The hubby has taken the whole week off and has planned each and everyday out right down to the nitty gritty. I did make him promise me this wasn't going to be like the year he took the anniversary week off and then
On Monday:  He cleaned the truck out
On Tuesday:  We went fishing in a cesspool of snake head fish.
On Wednesday:  He drank too many cans of Steel Reserve beer and puked his guts out in the bucket of rock salt stored in the laundry room.
On Thursday: He didn't get out of bed because of having a hangover.
On Friday: We went out to dinner and dancing with another couple who announced to the entire bar it was our anniversary.

I ended up with fifteen Tom Collins and he ended up drinking three six packs. We stayed for the dancing. Our friends left after only three songs on the dance floor. Hours later, it took us about two hours to find the car which was parked in the front row of course and ended up sleeping it off in the car because neither of us trusted the others intoxicated driving.

Oh those days are over for me I tell ya. I am too old for all those Back In The Day now. Shoot my liver would probably take a permanent leave of absence if I tried that crap now. And of course he has apologized many times about that week. This week is different he says.

Next week he is taking the computer away from me for the week as well as the phone and any other gadget or widget in the house that has ties to the outside world. I can't wait to see what surprises he has in store for the week. I am positive there will be a day or two that will no doubt turn out like the winter of 2010 when we were snowed in...


  1. That week doesn't sound like fun. I've never been a drinker anyway, so I wouldn't been sicker than a dog.
    Take the week and go celebrate thirty-three years!

  2. Alex That week wasn't fun. I like a little sip of wine and an occasional cocktail but oh no those days are over.

  3. 33 is the "No blog for a week year" so enjoy!

    It also might be the "Drink Rolling Rock Beer" week, their bottles all have "33" on them and no one knows what it stands for.

    Anyway, enjoy!!

  4. Have fun! Don't do anything we'd read about outside the blog (i.e. the newspaper, the National Enquirer, the police blotter...)

  5. I hope you have a wonderful and amazing 33rd anniversary!! :) have a good break.


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