Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Oh No They Di'int" The Fifty Shades of West Virginia

It isn't Monday but it is time again for another Oh No They Di'int post sort of. I started a post about a month ago about West Virginia and the stereotypes and the bad rep that we living here often get and hear about. Ya know write a real nice post that sort of thing. Try to dispel some of the rumors you've been told about West Virginia and West Virginians. Each state has it's own stereotyping and bad reputation but West Virginians are often the brunt of some really bad jokes.

I know I often write and post the most craziest stuff because I like to make people laugh and when someone
says something well it just lets me know job well done! Personally I don't mind being called a hillbilly- it's part of the culture and heritage here but just don't call me a damned dumb stupid hillbilly. I get real offended when the word damned is used. Just kidding! I do get offended by the words dumb and stupid used with hillbilly. You may be amazed that many folks here are neither dumb nor stupid. Some of us have actually been edumakated. My own mama still has her old Huked on Fonix for Beta that she got for the grand kiddies. She also can't understand why no one buys it at her yard sale but she is in her 70's.

Personally I think the majority of us living here are some really nice folks. I mean yesterday I posted about the homeless couple living in the campground and giving them money. I didn't have to do that. I could've easily said, "Eff Off!" Which is probably why we packed up and left a day ahead of time. It was no doubt coming to that. I didn't mind helping someone, but they were over extending it and kept wanting more.

Just when I thought I had a right nice post for ya along comes a news story and I then have to scrap the post and take back everything I've said. Who would even believe me after reading about how West Virginians are Fifty Shades of F'd Up? Like this here story right from the pages of The Smoking Gun that made it to the top Facebook forwarded Newsfeed Story of the day...

Naked Man On Leash Prompts Criminal Probe

        Woman spotted “walking” hooded beau next to road

JULY 30--West Virginia prosecutors are mulling criminal charges against a couple spotted yesterday morning engaging in some naked bondage play alongside US Route 40 40 in West Virginia, according to police.
Responding to a 9:30 AM call “in regards to a female allegedly walking a naked man on a leash,” Ohio County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived at an intersection in Wheeling and began interviewing area residents. A female witness told deputies that the female suspect “had a leash tied to a male,” who was wearing a hood and appeared to have his feet and ankles bound. He “also had an unidentified object sticking out of his anus,” according to a police report.
In short order, deputies identified Barbara Jean “B.J.” Geardello, 53, as the woman holding the dog leash. In an interview, Geardello “stated that it was a sex game and they meant no harm by it.” Robert Deyell, identified in the report as Geardello’s boyfriend, was the hooded man on the leash.
Deyell, 56, “had obvious ligature marks on his ankles,” reported deputies, who added that Deyell “stated he was a willing participant and was not injured.”
As seen in the above photo, a passing motorist photographed Geardello and Deyell outside an apartment building (where a friend of the couple resides). Geardello and Deyell live in Washington, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles from Wheeling. Sheriff’s investigators have forwarded a copy of their report to Ohio County prosecutors, who are expected to make a charging decision in the case next week.
While being questioned by deputies, Geardello (pictured above left) expressed her displeasure with a witness who had spotted her walking the naked Deyell. Geardello told investigators she was “offended that a passerby had called her a freak.” 
Who is going to believe anything ya say after reading that story? It is bad enough trying not to laugh at things like... the word "probe" used in the headline and imagine the police officer who took this report? Imagine the DA who is reviewing this to see if any criminal charges should be made? Imagine the court proceedings if they do press charges? Stuff like that. Shoot I don't even know if I'll be able to sing the song, How Much For That Doggy In The Window again and I love singing that song to my Chihuahua. It's her favorite song.

story and pic credit: The Smoking Gun
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  1. New Jersey is also the brunt of lots of jokes, many well deserved, but I must say we keep our doggy play indoors...so far.

    If all WV's are as nice as you were to those campers it is surely a friendly place.

    I've fly fished in WV and always ran into friendly people...We do pull in the lines and move when we hear banjo's though...just to play it safe.

  2. JoeH Hilarious! Where all have you fished in these parts? I am laughing at the banjo playing because I am working on a post about the lake that we like to get away and fish at. Right down over the hill from it in the holler is a shooting range. If the banjos sent you running I can't imagine how you'd react to that noise. :)

    As for the posts I am working on I wanted to get pics to go with the posts. I didn't have any free time this trip so the posts are on hold until we get back there again which will be soon I hope!

  3. Wow, I would have loved to write that article!!

  4. I wonder what behavior she does consider to be freakish? Lady, at the very least, that's indecent exposure.

  5. Annalisa I'm laughing because I was thinking the same thing! :)

    Alex Hilarious! I'm thinking maybe the part of they meant no harm by it. :) I don't think this was the first time she's taken him for a walk though! But amazing thinking that this is the first time someone spotted them. :)

  6. I am scratching my head and trying to imagine the conversation BEFORE that fateful walk.

    Him: I'm tired of just being walked around the backyard. I've smelled all that stuff already. Plus, the fun of not seeing is gone because I know the landscape by heart.

    Her: What if we tried the front yard?

    Him: Sounds good, but it is a bit small.

    Her: I see what you mean. You want to walk the neighborhood like a real dog?

    Him: Yes. Yes. Yes. (Woof!)

    Her: Well, let's get your leash on and jam that stick in your ass. Now, for your blindfold. This is going to be so much fun.

    Him: Oomph. (as she jams in the stick). Can we go now? Maybe next time we can go to the actual doggie park where I can sniff the other dogs? Can we? Can we?

    Her: Sure Fido. Sounds like a good time. Now, heel.

  7. I hope he didn't pee on the cops tires.

  8. I almost put that on Martin World News... but weird sex games just aren't that funny. Now if it had turned out to be his punishment for cheating or forgetting to pick up milk, I'd have run with it.

  9. Oh my goodness. Well I can't make too much fun, as we are the brunt of many a joke here in KY!!!

  10. Wait... a criminal -probe-... while he was naked? Is that what they call it?

  11. well at least there is no boredom with headlines like that... :D

  12. Robin Hilarious account of events!

    Ruth Now that woulda been funny. The man jailed for destruction of a police car and nothing else. :)

    CW Martin I can't help thinking about the town they were in and thinking that it wasn't their first stroll through town like that. No one ever spotted them until that day. I'll have to look but I'm thinking the town must only have three people living there. Those two and the friend who watched as they walked by! :)

    Optimistic It bites doesn't it?But Kentucky? Well then I guess that means that our two states share history of the once long feud between the Hatfield and McCoy clans. :) I've never been to Kentucky but I hear it is very beautiful there.

    Andrew Hilarious! At least the article cleared a lot of stuff up huh? :)

    Mrs C I'm thinking that they need to rename that street they walk on Wisteria Lane. :)


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