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Oh No They Di'int!!! Two People Walk Into the DMV and Are Faced With a WV Law

Shut the front door!!!!
Today is Monday and time again for another Oh No They Di'int!!!! Today I am scooping it up and dishing out the dirt. Excited? Well you should be because today's controversial satire once again comes from right here in my town! You may have already heard about it in the news because mainstream media is misreporting the story without all of the facts related to the story. The fact is it isn't discrimination when it is the law of the state and this Fact is called the new Federal ID. Take caution clicking it may be a little too political for some.

 So, the story is about two transgender women who were humiliated at the local DMV and now claiming discriminationShut the front door!
I am doing an Oh No They Di'int on this post because I wrote into my local papers little community write in opinion section called Journal Junction twice and they have totally ignored my comment of facts. Okay so I know opinions are like @**holes and everyone has one but this time I just don't get it. They are taking the stupid opinions like this one, "I think because of this that no one should be allowed to dye their hair anymore." Really... well hair color isn't mentioned on our birth certificate is it? Why do they not want to say this whole mixed up mess is due to politicians who just had to have the Federal ID for all West Virginian's? I'll just blog my opinion.

Anyway I'll try to keep it short. Two transgender women walk into the DMV to renew their drivers license and were told that they had to remove all of their make up to get their picture taken for their ID. The End!

So I'll explain it...
So what we have here is case of be careful who you vote for in this state. Not discrimination. You see here in Dub'ya Vee we are now a Federal ID state. They started implementing the Real ID/Federal ID like two years ago so it isn't new here but some of us could see some real problems looming on the horizon and in fact questioned our D.C. and state elected and those who were running in the last election about it. See during the last election some of us voters were against this means of ID just because of this very reason. Other states were opting out of it, why not WV? Which is what I asked my two senators and governor. Hell all of those who were running. The two senators returned to me the same form letter that it had something to do with terrorists. What? Terrorists? Shut the front door! The governor never replied back. My email to them stated my opinion and concern about this form of ID and asked a couple of intense questions one of which has to do with this post. Both senators made it quite clear in their identical form letters that they voted for it and it was The Law. Which to me was like they were saying, "So get over it!"

Fast forward to this story when two transgender women walk into the DMV and are told that they cannot get their picture taken because it doesn't match their identity. So are you thinking.. what? Doesn't match their identity? Oh no you see with this Real ID/Federal ID thing your "REAL" identity and only legal document for the basis of your REAL identity here is drum roll please.... your birth certificate!!! Such as name, birthday and hello...gender! To the stupid commenters at Journal Junction about banning hair dye Can you point out just where on the birth certificate it states hair color?

With this new Real ID/Federal ID
  • Your birth certificate is the basis of your identity that they use. The law clearly states this. 
  • It doesn't matter if you are ninety five and celebrating seventy years of wedded bliss, you must still show your marriage license because it is your proof of legal name change. 
  • If you are divorced you must also bring that court house document with you. 
  • If you are divorced and remarried you must bring all of your legal documents also. 
  • You must show other forms of identity like social security, voters registration, passport etc AND they will NOT accept your WV drivers license or ID as proof. I questioned this one because hello they issued it to me, but nope not accepted form of ID at the place that issued it. 
  • You must also bring several proofs of your address which can only be utility bills, your W-2, bank statement. If your name doesn't appear on the bills then you must go to a notary before attempting the DMV. 
  • You can Internet search the words Real ID or Federal ID to learn more about it.
Oh and here is the goody we found out when renewing ours. The hubby is a Sr. because we have a Jr. Because of the new Real ID/Federal ID in WV this new ID won't accept the Sr on the hubby's drivers license because his mother didn't put Sr on his birth certificate.

All of this is the new law here in WV under the Federal ID because our elected officials voted for it and then people in WV stupidly voted them into office. Clearly the candidates opposed to this form of Real ID/Federal ID identity lost the election.

I had a very old post I deleted about this REAL ID thing here in WV from 2011. Yep moved it back draft and then just this year deleted because it was just setting there. When I first posted it the post was attacked with the same stereotypical West Virginia bullshit heard the country round about West Virginia and I was accused of trying to start mass hysteria. Really? For explaining what exactly the REAL ID/FEDERAL ID is that was going to be implemented in WV? For asking voters to contact our senators and oppose it? For stating an opinion about something that Hello is now a Reality? Which is exactly what has happened three years later! Just who am I to have an opinion anyway? Well I wish now that I hadn't deleted the post because guess what? I told you so three years ago!

So what now...
  • Well It is three years late for what now. The REAL ID/FEDERAL ID has already been implemented in this state and is now The Law that we have all had to deal with when renewing our drivers license for the last couple of years providing the correct documentation for a fee of course. We have all had to go back and once again pay for the new forms of birth certificate, marriage license, divorce decree etc...
  • They also do not use the older forms. We had to once again go to the court house and be reissued all of the NEW documentation, just for this FEDERAL ID Law.
  • Instead of opting out like other states were doing, Senators Do Nothing and Do What Everyone Else Does voted for this ID with their reasoning being, "Lions and Tigers and Terrorists... oh my!!!" 
  • Both were good governors for West Virginia back in the day, but have really not done anything for this state since taking a seat in Washington.
So What Now?

Well they can't really get rid of it now can they since everyone has had to go through the DMV, the new law changes for this new Federal ID proving who you are from your birth certificate. That isn't fair to anyone who has already been there, sometimes two or three times before you had all your proper documentation.

My guess here is that instead of saying, "oh you are one of those aren't you?" Maybe you should take a minute to listen to some of us. I saw this train wreck three years ago and I am not even psychic.

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  1. You can't even use your driver's license? That is really screwed up.
    I don't even know where my birth certificate is...

  2. Alex you can use your ID, just not at the DMV the place that issued it to you. Your DL is an invalid form of ID there. As for birth certificates you have to repurchase one from the court house.


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