Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Blog Formerly Known As ~*~Whatever~*~

If you haven't noticed this blog formerly known as Whatever where I have boasted a simple recipe for my posts:

The Recipe for My Blog is pretty simple: 1 Cup of "Oh Hell No", 1/2 Cup of Controversy, 1 tablespoon Humor, 1 teaspoon of a little entertainment and a pinch of My Opinion, add a squirt of WTH and WTF and Stir it all together and you have... Whatever is on my mind at the moment. Hope you enjoy reading!!

Will be getting some changes!!!!

I figured that I'd just use this space to tell you that along with the changing season that I'm going to be making some pretty big changes to this blog. It is keeping the old address here, but is getting a name change as well as content change.

I've been thinking of making changes for awhile now. Probably one of the biggest you will notice other than missing posts is that I am changing the name of the blog and some of the scenery as well. The other change you will find is the content and material.

The title of this page has always been Whatever because I wanted to blog on different subjects and content.

I wrote a couple of newsy type posts, but then was asked, "You're one of those aren't you?"
I have written on serious subjects but no one seems real interested in those.
I have written about my own life experiences but no one seems interested in reading about those.
I really couldn't write a travel blog because very rarely do I travel outside of West Virginia.  
I would really love to write an advice column, but I don't think many would like my answers.

What has always attracted readers seems to be humor, wit and a good laugh even if it is at my own expense. The satirical postings especially anything posted about my Appalachian hospitality and my southern comfort sometimes straight on the rocks other times mixed with coke,  and charm. Along with all of mostly sarcastic posts the satire and the humor and laughs is anything written about West Virginia with my style of twisted humor. Over the coming days because I didn't realize just how much work was involved in doing this you will notice the transformation to....

Trailer Homes and Gardens: Appalachian Wit, Humor, Hospitality, Style and Charm Southern Comfort with a splash of Apple Pie Shine!!!!!!

I hope that everyone will still want to stay and read!!!!


  1. Perfect!!!
    I think you give good advice though.

  2. Why heck fire, that sounds Purdy!

  3. You know, nature doesn't like trailer homes.

  4. I like it, it shows a little tongue in cheek humor!!! I look forward to reading that blog!!! You always give me a smile, and don't think we don't appreciate that!

  5. Optimistic Yep it sure does!

    Shelly Thanks!

    Alex Me too! :)

    CW Hilarious!

    Andrew Oh so very true. Back in June high winds blew one setting on a hill right off its cinder blocks. No one was injured TG except I think I heard it killed a couple chicken in the yard.

    L Diane Thanks. :)

    Joseph Awww thanks!


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