Thursday, August 28, 2014

Update on Mama Bear and Cubs

I thought I'd give an update on the story I posted about the Mama Bear and her cubs last week... 

West Virginia authorities are backing down from their plans to trap and euthanize the bears. Authorities didn't say why so I'm not sure how much of their decision was based on the petition to
save them. I like to think the petition played a big part in saving their lives. If you signed it and/or shared it with others, thank you!

The whole story has changed from the original report given to the police and the news stories as to how the attack occurred. Now they are saying that the guy was just walking along with his dog and the mother bear just came up and attacked for no reason. Dog Didn't Attack Cubs It is unfortunate that this happened and that he and his dog were injured but this doesn't even match the report taken that day by Jamie Sajecki, Virginia's black bear project leader with the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries who said in his original report that the attack began when Krichbaum's unleashed dog chased after and began attacking the bear's cubs.

There is one rule of the National Parks here and that is All Dogs Must Be Leashed. 

Most of us here thought the same thing. That the authorities used the rabies scare. We were wondering if the rabies scare was just an excuse to trap and kill them to fill their freezers for the winter.

Shoot last year we had a rabid wild animal in our yard and I couldn't get NO AUTHORITIES
from anywhere in this state out here to my place for that including the DNR agents from Department of Natural Resources!


  1. I am very very glad that they are backing down from the pans to euthanize them!

  2. Hope they don't kill them. Funny how the story keeps changing.

  3. The original version seems the most likely.

  4. Living in Idaho we just have this thought that the animals were here first, we moved in on them.. You have to be respectful and cautious.. I hope they don't put the bears down.

  5. I saw on the petition site even the idiot who got mauled doesn't want the bears killed. Apparently the DNR only works for publicity (hence your case)- and the bear case was all BAD!


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