Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog It Forward: The Heart of a Writer

Today is Friday and that means time again for another Blog It Forward Spotlight. I am very excited about today's spotlight and I hope you'll love it as much as I love reading this blog and have enjoyed getting this spotlight ready to share with you.

Today my Blog It Forward is paying it forward to

I really hope that you'll stop by and visit this blog. I love poetry. I wish I could write it but any attempts to even try will lead to a big FAIL!!! I think I've tried my hand at it when I wrote, I Had A Mouse in the House and Christmas At Shangri-La so no I won't even pretend. 
The blog @ Heart of a Writer, let me say this is pure writing from the heart and I hope she doesn't mind that I am sharing a piece of her work her today. I love all of her writings but I must admit I am very fond of a more recent one. I think because I adore Marilyn Monroe. I love watching her movies and especially reading stories about her and the steamy affair she had with JFK. Many of her quotes are brutally honest.

Haiku: Black and White With a Splash of Red #1

"Am not the devil."
Then she parted her lips.
Laughed a wicked laugh.
Are we really, "Stars?"
Do we deserve to shine?
If so, at what price?

If so, at what price?
I'll kiss you for one grand. 
My soul? Fifty Cents


Sometimes, I smile
Even when it does hurt
Still they adore me


Beautiful icon
One more soul Hollywood claimed
Goodbye Norma Jean


But Not Least

"All I want is to be loved, for myself and for my talent." -Monroe

Written By: The Heart Of A Writer

My Favorite Marilyn Quote:

I love that this poem has that dark feel to it and it feels as though Marilyn herself is speaking these words from the page! 

I'll kiss you for one grand. What price? Beautiful icon One more Soul Hollywood claimed. Goodbye Norma Jean

I really, really hope that you can find time to stop by and visit the pages @ Heart Of A Writer!

Resources for this post:
Pic and Poem Written By: The Heart Of A Writer

Marilyn Pic found @Google Images

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