Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eatin Is More Fun When It's Hit on the Run

Oh deer! Hope I don't git PETA all stirred up over this one.
TOTAL MYTH: We don't drive around looking for dead animals in the road to bring home for supper.

What's wrong with keeping what you are going to pay in high risk insurance premiums anyway?
New meaning to dining by the dashboard
We had a Grand Am that was a deer magnet. Hubby hit one on his way to work. Our car was smashed up on the front passenger side. Took it to a friends body shop and before we could get it to Maaco to be painted, a deer ran into the passenger side of it. Well so much for the paint job. That car went to the salvage yard.

Intresting Menu. Waiter! I think I'll have the Smear of Deer! Om nom nom. ROAD KILL CAFE You KILL IT, WE GRILL IT" Main Street Entrees Eating Food Is More Fun..

Whether you are eating out, or eating in The Road Kill Cookbook can come in handy for any meal hit on the run!

Resources for this post:
Road Kill Cafe' Menu
Deer Collisions


  1. I'll try a Shake and Bake Snake please. Preferably not a copperhead though.

  2. Alex Ewww not me! No way! But I'll tell ya coming up in October in Moorefield, WV is the Rattlesnake Festival. They are served anyway folks like'em with BBQ sauce or plain. I am terrified of snakes so we stay away from that festival. :)

  3. I remember seeing that menu on the back of a t-shirt many years ago...

  4. Yeah. I think PETA might come after you. Why aren't the on the government T-list?


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