Thursday, September 25, 2014

How To Tell If Yer At A Hillbilly Wedding

Besides receiving an invitation that says, "Git yer ass to the wedd'in or mud hole" How do you know if you are at a Hillbilly Wedding?

  1. The rehearsal dinner is a kegger
  2. Everyone attending is in blue jeans or camouflage.
  3. The bride and her wedding party is wearing cut offs and halter tops. 
  4. The groom and his party are wearing camo 
  5. Streamers are made from empty Pabst Blue Ribbon cans.
  6. Everyone attending is carrying a firearm (We've been to weddings where this was requested on the invite)
  7. No hillbilly wedding ever occurs on a NASCAR race day
  8. There is a part about Hunting Season written into the vows
  9. Any male other than the brides father or grandfather that tries to dance with the bride is given a huge wedgie no doubt 'bout that.
  10. There are dogs there. Sometimes a dog may stand up front with the wedding party
  11. The reception is a hog roast and BBQ and always BYOB. 
  12. The hors'doeurvre's served are cut up pepperoni rolls and Vienna sausauge.
  13. The bride and groom will never argue over red or white? The drink of choice will be clear and served out of Mason jars.
  14. The wedding is always held outdoors and includes a huge bonfire and mud hole.
  15. The flowers look like they came from a funeral be'cuz chances are great they did
  16. Wedding favors are shotgun shells
  17. The bride and groom are registered at Cabela's
  18. The wedding cake is a plate of ding dong's, ho-ho's and whoopie pies.
  19. The couple leave the wedding ceremony in a pickup painted camouflage blowing the Dixie horn (Wait that was my wedding. That's how we left the church)
  20. The honeymoon involves the outdoors; camping and/or hunting (wait that was mine)
Ever been to a wedding like this? 
I came up with this list because I've attended weddings like this a time or two and well the hubby and I are talking 'bout renewing our vows sometime in the future and I want it to be a hillbilly style celebration!

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  1. It all sounds like fun except for the honeymoon part.

    I needs me an island.

  2. The last time I was in a mud hole, it was a birthday party for my now 25-y-o son, who was then still in pull-ups.

  3. Your honeymoon sounds great :-) My honeymoon involved a funeral and a day trip to an Ikea store.

    Sorry I haven't stopped by for ages. I'm having a sporadic blogging experience at the moment.


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