Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Is It Possible The Dead Is Rocking The Vote in W.Va?

Anything is possible. We are living in some pretty crazy times! I've posted about my mother in law passing away before paying her fire fee. After hearing a bit of news decided to resurrect the post.

When someone tells me that I have to do something, I tell them, the only thing I have to do is die and pay taxes. And the fire fee. Oh Lawd can't forget that. Whatever you do pay your fire fee before passing 'round here. So this lil tale is 'bout my mother in law. She's been gone since 1995. Pretty near
thirty five years now God rest her soul.

I also read an article back some time ago that West Virginia rates up there pretty high on the scale of the number of dead people who get out and vote. I thought I saved the link to the story, but apparently I didn't. That folks, does not surprise me.

Five years after my mother in laws passing one afternoon a knock came on my door and looking out, it was a sheriffs deputy. He handed me a piece of paper and said he was looking for, my mother in law. Just in case you are wondering, yes I was totally shocked, and sort of freaked out too thinking, "OMG what could she have done?" And yeah, I asked the nice deputy the same question.

He tells me, "well ma'am, she hasn't paid her fire fee in over two years. She needs to appear in court." 

So, by then I was thinking he was going to say April Fools even though it wasn't April. OR someone would jump out and yell, surprise! Neither happened so I decided to play right along, "Okay you got me, what's the joke?"  I asked the deputy. Turns out this was no joke.

I asked him if this county is that desperate for money or something, which he then proceeds to deny that by explaining the importance of folks paying the fire fee. What really happens if someone doesn't? Do the firemen set roasting weenies and marshmallows for smore's while a place burns?

I then ask him how we should dress her. Of course he gives me an odd look but says, "it doesn't matter how she's dressed, just make sure she gets to her hearing. They'll put a bench warrant out for her if she doesn't appear."  

I then explained my dilemma here with this get her to the court on time, "Sir, she has been dead for 5 years now, so I am not even sure of the how we can do this, but you best believe she will be at her hearing." 

Of course hearing that I could tell by his expression he was shocked. He wanted his paper back but I had thrown it inside the house. I told him I needed it. Apparently we had forgotten something when we took her death certificate to the important places.

He apologized to me like twenty times and he assured me that he would remove her from the Fire Fee's Most Wanted List, but after reading the news article about dead people voting in this state, I can believe it! They are probably rocking the vote in this state.


  1. Your situation sounds like an accident.

    Shady stuff happens out there.

  2. I had one of those situations once. The DMV wanted me to register a vehicle that, basically, didn't exist anymore (because it burned up). There were going to be big fines involved.

  3. I have never been in charge of letting TPTB know of a loved one's passing, but that is crazy. Of course, as you say, with so many dead folks slipping through the cracks, who can be surprised that they get out there and vote???

  4. Susie We thought we had taken her death certificate to all the places we should. She was on the voters books as "inactive voter". I can see how easy it could be for those who are unscrupulous to pull voters from the dormant files.

    Andrew Yeah that does sound pretty crazy about your salvaged car. :/ Hopefully you were able to prove your car no longer existed on the road. And here I thought things like that only happened here.

    Robin They don't send you a list of where you should take the death certificate which can make it pretty stressful. The death certificate comes a few months after a death so when you are holding it can bring up a pretty painful time especially if someone dies very suddenly like my mother in law. Remembering where copies need to go I know places can be forgotten because we forgot. We thought we had sent copies everywhere it needed to go. Two years after we removed her from "inactive voter".

  5. You gotta know, if there's a will and a way, there's a tax. Apparently WVA takes that "You can't take it with you" stuff more serious than most...


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