Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Oh No He Di'int: If You Are Pimping Out Your Sister.... You Must Be a Redneck

And one of the winners of the prestigious Walter Award!!! Oh My! Today I have to share a little award I got from a blogging buddy, Mr Joe Hagy who blogs at Cranky Old Man Some of you may know him as, Mr Cranky. Now when I got the message and read his post that I was one of the bloggers receiving his prestigious Walter Award
"The Walter"
I haf'ta tell ya I got excited, my feets started moving like this

I shouted Yee Haw and the hubby thought I durn near done lost my mind and almost threw my back out. Walter has always been my favorite Jeff Dunham puppet. Walter tells it like it is. Now I do have to say this to Mr Joe while yes I have poked fun at my Hillbilly heritage, I admit I was also a lil protective of the folks 'round here because of the whole trying to dispel the stereotypes often associated with my heritage and culture and ya'all know which ones I'm a talk'n 'bout. As much as I've tried the Dear Lawd knows I have tried in the words of Britney, Oops they did it again  just how in the heck could I ever convince people after this little goody right from my backwoods town? So for today's Oh No They Di'int...

W.Va. Man Pimped Out His Sister

A Security Guard was assaulted after police say a man was pimping out his sister at the truck stop.
According to the police report the security guard witnessed what the siblings were up to and told them to leave the parking lot. That is when Mr. Howdershell assaulted the security guard. Mr Howdershell later told the officers that he punched the guard because, "he was running his running his mouth."

Really!!! Your sister dude? So, there goes that whole working hard on the stereotypes dude!!! Thanks a bajillion Mr Howdeshell!!! Hopefully the probation office will help get ya a real job!!!

youtube Buck Dancing
Story and Pic: Security News
pic is also courtesy of the Northwestern Regional Jail


  1. Congratulations GG! I'm so jealous but you are so deserving of this award and many, many more! Go YOU! :D I'm doing my happy dance for you!

  2. Congratulations. Walter is one of his funnier puppets.
    What's next - pimping out his mother?

  3. I'd say, "where there's smoke..." but I don't need a Mountaineer invasion of Fort Wayne on my conscience.

  4. Congrats to you! And someone should shoot that kid for pimping out his sister. Let ISIS have him.


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