Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: Birthday Gone Wrong

It is time once again for another Oh No They Di'int and again this little goody was ripped from the headlines of the Smoking Gun: The WV Files.

A twenty three year old woman from Beckley, WV is facing a pair of felony charges for allegedly stealing a hearse containing a body and driving home in it. According to the police report, the hearse was parked outside the Ritchie and Johnson Funeral Home a little before midnight to be unloaded. The driver went inside to unlock the door when it was jacked. The driver told the cops that he briefly left the hearse unattended with its door open when he noticed someone walking towards it. The driver of the hearse ran to the door and yelled "Hey" but the driver sped away with the body in tow.

Several hours later the hearse was spotted by neighbors parked in the driveway of Angela De Hart. Neighbors called the cops. Ms De Hart who is being charged with grand larceny and displacement of a corpse both felonies in WV later told police that it was her birthday and she was out with her girlfriend celebrating when they got into a heated argument. She got out of the car and began walking. That's when she spotted the hearse running next to the funeral parlor. She did tell police that after taking the car, she drove it to Beaver and contacted a friend seeking advice as to what she should do with the stolen wheels.

The corpse, which was an 85 year old woman who was laying inside a gurney in the hearse when it was stolen had been moved by some means. When the car was recovered she was found laying on her side. 

Now, I don't know 'bout you guys but that will be some family story to tell for generations to come!

Confucius says, If'n ever you see a hearse with the motor running don't assume it is empty.

Story The Smoking Gun The WV Files
Pic Credit: Imgur


  1. Only in America. Or I guess WV.

  2. That is very deserving of an "Oh no they din't!"

  3. Too, funny. Granny had rolled onto her side. We sure she's dead?

  4. I don't see a Hearse - empty or not - as my first choice for a car jacking.

  5. The body was moved? Did she take a peek inside the coffin as well?

  6. Just don't give the update where the coroner finds semen traces on the deceased...

  7. Susie- Probably only in WV :)

    JoeH You didn't have to apologize on the Di'nt :) At least you guys got the Soprano's up there. Shioot We got the Wonderful Whites and the Gypsy Sisters!

    Shelly I'm just wondering how fast she was taking those curves! :)

    Donna Me either. Sounds like she may have been testing her Grand Theft Auto game skills. :)

    Alex It is possible. Or maybe taking the curves exceeding the safe speed limit :)

    CW I promise! :)


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