Thursday, September 11, 2014

On That One Day In America

Everything changed in an instant! 

All humor aside today... Today is the thirteenth anniversary of the day that mongrels came into our country and killed twenty nine hundred innocent Americans. Our lives haven't been the same since!

On that one day thirteen years ago...

As Americans We wept and cried for the families whose loved ones died that day.

As Americans We were proud to stand up and sing our Nations Anthem and God Bless America. On that day the words to the songs meant something so real.

As Americans We were proud to stand up and Pledge Allegiance to the flag- the symbol of our freedom.

As Americans We went to Church and prayed for those families and for our country and our leaders.

As Americans We held our children, our spouses and family just a little bit closer that day.

As Americans We were proud. We hung out our flags to show our patriotism to our country and to show that as Americans we were not afraid.

As Americans On that one day September 11, 2001 we weren't Democrat or Republican. We were united as Americans.

For just one day... 
We were Americans and we stood up together, united in support of America.

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