Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Patriot Day: A Day to Pray For Peace

Tomorrow is the anniversary of September 11, 2001. I just happened to look on my calendar and it says, Patriot Day. I had to look it up. Call me dumb but I had no idea that the anniversary date of that horrible day when mongrel terrorists killed 2,977 innocent Americans was called anything really- especially something with the word Patriot in it.

Here we are patriotic people every day of the year and get made fun of for it.
Here we hang out our flags unashamed, and yet someone was made to take his down because it offended people.
Here we believe in the Constitution of the United States like the King James Bible.
Here we stand up for our rights and our freedoms and yet freedom isn't free.
Here we live by the code of God, Gun's and Country. Montani Semper Liberi Mountaineer's Are Always Free!!!

Here... All we hear is another stereotype, You are one of those aren't you?
Here We wonder why if any of the above offends you, why are you still here? There are planes that leave this country every minute. 

Today I am taking a moment away from humor to ask you to
Pray For Peace

Right now our country is on it's highest alert because of Patriot Day. Because of the threats of terrorism against our country once again and the possibility that the next terrorist who seeks to harm Americans may just live right beside you I say...

Take a look at the banner behind the reporter...

Pray For Peace!


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