Monday, September 22, 2014

'Round Here

I guess I should warn ya'll if ya git all offended at bad grammer and poor spell'in ya probably won't wanna read this. Cuz I'm fix'in to git it all messed up.

Now I know some of ya really wonder about us hillbillies here and don't right understand us n' that's okay we don't right understand a lot of stuff other folks do either. One thing that folks don't understand is

When a friend calls up and says, Hey bud I need a tow... 

And ya respond, Hang on! Be right there! 
Don't matter how we git'er done. It only counts that ya helped out a friend!

I'm fix'in ta tell ya somethin 'bout bein a hillbilly in West "By God" Virginia!

'Round here we say ain't and ya'll and both are proper nouns to us. The word aunt comes out sounding like ain't too.

'Round here we wave at everyone and say howdy. We often say honey and sweetie and don't mean noth'in by it either.

'Round here we bless a lot of hearts. We also sometimes jest piddle 'round doin noth'in.

'Round here we pull over for ambulances and funeral processions to pay respect. Out of state folks hate when we do this.

'Round here we have lightn'in bugs

'Round here we spend hot days swim'in at  the cricks.

'Round here shoes aren't necessary unless there is a sign say'n so. Neither are shirts fir the fellers, but I won't go there.

'Round here we go outside and sometimes git all dirty work'n and sweat'n and muddy.

'Round here we say wuter and warsh cloths are used in the bath.

'Round here chicken, squarsh and maters are fried. Cornbread and grits are staples in the home and no matter what it is on the table it always goes with taters and gravy!

'Round here we keep our cokes in an ice box. Sweet tea is served with wine. We put our groceries in buggies.

Jest b'cause we are hillbillies doesn't mean we are uneducated. Sometimes we jest don't git it right and that's okay too. Not ery'one is perfect.

Hospitality is learned here. Most of us were raised that way. 'Round here if'n ya disrespect your mama oh jest you wait till daddy gits home. Saying Sir, Ma'am, thank you and please is called being polite or daddy would'a reminded us real quick!


If'n you ever hear a hillbilly say, Oh Hell No Ya Better run cuz someone's fix'n to go off.

There's a reason why West Virginia is called Almost Heaven...
This here's jest one of'em!

No matter where my feet do roam
West Virginia will always be home!
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Dolly Sods, WV


  1. Years ago, we used to do a lot of that stuff round here as well.

    Don't know where we went wrong.

  2. My ex used to say, "My hairs need cut."

  3. I might actually drink your tea if it's served with wine.

  4. Wow... so much of the diction is what I use here in Indiana! I was eight before I knew warsh and Warshington weren't proper. Got me on the icebox, though, and I will admit that my "y'all"s are learned and not natural.

  5. Yeah, my dad learn't me all this growin up :)


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