Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trailer Park Living vs The Subdivision

For all of my adult life until my later thirties I spent living in a trailer park. Some of you may remember my stories from the past about trailer park living. You know...

  • Trailer Parks are a close community. Most trailer homes are separated by about six foot of space to share a yard. Not only can the neighbors be a pest, but you are likely to get invaded by pests of the worst kind... cockroaches. Oh you can put out all the bait traps you want including those Roach Marriott Motels but like pesky neighbors they will find their way in.
  • Trailer Parks are like Cheers. It's a place where everyone knows your name and before long everything about you, your family, where you work, what your favorite teams are, what beer you drink and who you root for on race day. Trailer Parks also have their cliques inside the community- whose in, whose out- and who you can't talk to if you want to stay friends with Peaches or Bobby Ray. 
You may also remember my tale of Living At Shangri- La Trailer Park.

When I said my last goodbyes to Shangri La and moved to a nice community among the retired and the semi retired gone were the days of parties every day and setting up a beer pong game in the front yard. I also swore off neighbors. Didn't even care if I had any.

Well as we all know when you move into those cute little cookie cutter houses splashed in the subdivisions you can't chose your neighbor when the house next door hangs out the For Sale sign. I thought I had long left the trailer park and for good. Like ghosts of every Christmas they seem to haunt.

They have wrecked the peaceful neighborhood breaking every Neighborhood Beautification Rule on the books yet day after day and year after year for the last eight or so years here they are with their unkempt yard with weeds reaching almost to the street, never doing any outside projects to better the place. It looks like it is crumbling away while the rest of us are forced to obey by the rules.

Hey, you know it's bad when cars roll in and get out and walk around their yard thinking they are at a yard sale. 

But you know the ones like this- driving down the market prices of others homes in the community while our taxes continue to go up and up. I dream of moving, but I would never get the market price for my home with what is next door to me.
  • Like the time we were mowing and they come out all "rah rah rah" You can't even understand them. I turn off the mower just to hear, "Are you mowing?" Are you effing kidding me? I scream inside my head.
  • Like the time hubby put his famous beer can yard bird on the grill. They came over asking a million questions about it and stared at the grill for the entire cooking time as if expecting it to get up and dance away.
  • Like the time we had our last yearly yard party. They came over uninvited and introduced themselves to our friends. That was several years ago. Friends bailed out the year after. That was the last of the yard party.
  • Like the times we do get company. They will come out and stop our company before they get out of their car. If we set outside visiting, these neighbors come over and make themselves at home. Friends coming over dwindled away. Now they call ahead asking us to quickly sneak them inside.
  • Like the time he came over at 6:30 in the morning beating on my door and when I answer it he tells me that their shitter is full. As if! Do I have a sign out that says, Roto Rooter?
Yes I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death. I fear no evil. It's all around. I smell it! Wait never mind. It's just the septic system!

pic credit: Google Images


  1. I lived in a trailer park for quite a few years. Those were some, interesting times... lol

  2. Ouch!! The best neighbors are the ones you just say Hello to and don't even know their name.

    Drop on by, I've got something for ya.

  3. On up until my first son was 2, we lived in a trailer park somewhere and it really is no way of life there, granted we were okay but we always wanted more for ourselves and for our children. After buying our first house, I can honestly say that I will go live under a bridge before I return to a trailer park, that or I'll go find myself a cave and live like the cave people did! LOL! And yes, you are spot on with everything!

  4. No neighborhood association then, huh?

    When I lived in mobile homes, I never had a problem with neighbors- other than the ones who used to steal the Sunday paper. But a couple of weeks of getting up early and re-filling the paper bag with last week's paper and some squishy fresh dog poop and problem solved.

  5. Stop by and pick up your "Walter."

  6. Should I brag about my posh middle-class neighborhood?

    Nah, I'm probably one of "those" neighbors. Everybody loves my cat though. I wonder what they will say when Tribble eats their little yapper for a midnight snack :)

  7. Ugh. I remember those kinds of neighbors and I don't miss them in the least. I always had creepy neighbors too and sometimes they were scary! I like living on top of the mountain now, population 100. No neighbors..


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