Wednesday, September 24, 2014

VW Hospitality: Help'in Yer Neighbor

Every city has a day of caring. Ya know the community coming tagether ta help those people in need. This here tale is about just that... Southern Hospitality

Ole Jimmy Joe had a neighbor and friend, Billy Bob. Now Billy Bob was an older retired gent who had some health problems. The older man had a large pile'o firewood that needed chopped. Jimmy Joe wanted ta help, but dang that was a big ole mess'o wood. Jimmy Joe thought about it fer awhile and then he got an idear. 

So on one cold morning bright and early he called the FBI Hotline. "Hello, is this the FBI?"

"Yes it is. How can I help you today?"

"Well ya see I'm call'in ta report about my neighbor Billy Bob Smith! He's been hide'in some Mary Ju Ana inside his firewood." Jimmy Joe said to the agent on the line.

The FBI agent didn't take Jimmy Joe's name, but asked for other information. After giving up the address of his neighbor to the agent on the line the agent thanked him. "Thank you very much for the call, sir."

The next day Jimmy Joe was sitt'in at the table eat'in breakfast when he noticed a swarm of police, special sniff'in dogs and FBI agents come'a runn'in across his yard and descend'in on Billy Bob's property. After a few minutes he saw his friend appear in the yard with the police. 

Jimmy Joe could hear the old gent swearing that he didn't hide noth'in there as he stood to the side of his porch. The police and agents searched every bit of Billy Bob's yard, his barn and the shed where ole Billy Bob's firewood was kept. 

Jimmy Joe reckoned they didn't believe the old man because those agents chopped down the door to the shed. One feller threw the firewood out of the shed while the others took axes, chopping and busting up every piece of firewood looking for the illegal contraband. It took a coupl'a hours but agents didn't leave any piece of that firewood uncut that's fer shore.

After spending all day searching, agents found no marijuana and swore at Billy Bob as they left. 

After watch'in till the last car left, Jimmy Joe picked up the phone, "Hey, Billy Bob! Did the FBI come?"

Billy Bob says, "Yep they sure did!"

"Did they chop yer firewood fer ya?"

"Yep ery bit of it's cut!"

Billy Bob says, "Merry Christmas, Buddy."

This is a joke told by a friend
Written By: Unknown


  1. JoeH Indeed it isn't dumb. Had a friend tell me this and I thought it was funny enough to share. :)


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