Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Week Of Ups and Downs

I haven't posted anything in about a week. For one My job went from crazy to psycho. Due to losing a couple of clients this year we've now started cleaning for a realty company going in and spit shining houses that are on the market. We're also doing work for a property owner with rental units. Cleaning some houses to get ready to rent. The first disgusting fridge I had to clean I was 'bout ready to
walk out. It had an odor that Arm and Hammer couldn't tackle.  You know it's bad when I had to run for the door and was dry heaving in the yard.

Then this week I got my last edit back on a short story I wrote. I thought I'd be excited; overjoyed at the news. Oh no. I still want to publish it to Amazon Kindle, but at the same time I'm singing, "You've lost that lov'in feeling. Ohhhh that lov'in feeling..." You get what I'm saying? Oh Bah Humbug.

On top of that I had a revelation in between. Well it's more like a 'just what in the hell was I thinking' type of feeling. It's like I woke up from a dream and stepped into a nightmare. See in the year of the millineum we moved outta Shangri- La Trailer Park and into our own home. A nice little place settled in a cookie cutter community called a Subdivision of modular built homes. Each one put together like a puzzle and finished in twenty four hours. Hey- don't laugh! It's home to us!

Along with subdivisions come rules on living there for instance I call ours The Neighborhood Beautification Committee. Some of you might call them Home Owners Associations. I'm not denying that I love living in a nice neighborhood because I do. If you've ever lived in a trailer park you know what I'ma talk'in about. All my feelings like a busted balloon all came as new rules are out regarding gardens next year. No doubt it's because of one neighbor and their yard that I talked about a few posts back but why does everyone have to suffer because one cannot follow the rules?

On a funnier note I have got to share something. Last week I watched the movie, Lawless. It's the true facts movie based on the Bondurant brothers of Virginia in the days of the prohibition. It sparked an interest to research the moonshine era of West Virginia. I turned to Google for links. That evening I logged into my Facebook and low and behold right there on the sidebar was a link to buy a still. Way to go Facebook!!!!


  1. Were they growing pot in their garden or something?
    I can only imagine how bad some of those refrigerators can be...

  2. Alex Nah not pot. The only thing these two can grow is weeds which took over their place this summer. Their entire house was cocooned in them. Flowering bushes in their yard went to hell. The worst of it was the weeds. The funny thing about it is none of those weeds were from any kind of gardening which is now the main focus of changing regulations. I don't have a large garden but I like growing my own veggies.

  3. Oh and fridges they leave nothing to the imagination!!! :(

  4. So it's easier to ban gardening that to evict one lazy gardener? Gee, there's that liberal education coming back to haunt us...

  5. I've lived in a "Neighborhood Association" subdivision from hell before and once we moved, I swore, never again, and for exactly those reasons you posted.. All it takes is oooonne person to screw it up for everyone else. - And as for those refrigerators, omg, I almost want to vomit just thinking about it, poor YOU GG.. - Here's to the weekend and a much better week ahead for you! Cheers!

  6. We bought where we did specifically because there was no home owners association! Couple of years ago some new to the neighborhood busybodies moved in and decided to start one. Luckily enough of us felt as I did and we sent them home with their tails and good intentions between their legs!

  7. When my parents moved into the house they are in now way back in May 1980 the toilet was so bad that neither mum or dad would go near it and in fact it was my grandfather who got stuck in and cleaned it, this is what this post brought to mind


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