Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: This Is Why Kiddies

Today is Tuesday and time once again for another Oh No They Di'int. Ladies and Gent's if'n ya have young'uns or friends or family addicted to something, please read this. This story is a reminder of why we shouldn't sniff, shoot, smoke or ram shit up our asses just cause friends do it. I can't urge that enough!!! This post should be the poster child for what can happen!!!! Last year I received some angry unwanted emails after putting this goody up...

A few mentioned how nasty this was. I forgot to thank'em! 

AND I forgot to remind'em 'bout this here law in W.Va. Animal Sex is Allowed By males only and as long as the animal weighs less than 40 lbs. 

I've lost some of ya I know it. Smelling salts people. Stay with me here I'm gett'in to it!!! 

When this goody of a story popped right from the wires into the old inbox basket all purty begg'in me, Pick Me!!! Pick Me!!!  I couldn't have made this up even if I would'a tried to. This'en here is from way down in Alum Creek, WV and reported by NBC news from the AP Wires.

CHARLESTON, W.Va.— A West Virginia man found wearing women's underwear and standing over a goat's carcass told police he was high on bath salts. Mark L. Thompson of Alum Creek was arrested at his home on Monday. A criminal complaint in Kanawha County Magistrate Court 

pic credit: Kanawha County Sheriffs Office
charges the 19-year-old with cruelty to animals.

Sheriff's Deputy J.S. Shackelford says witnesses reported Thompson standing near a neighbor's pygmy goat in a bedroom. He was wearing a bra and female underwear. The goat, a male named Bailey, had at least one stab wound.

Cpl. Sean Snuffer said Thompson indicated he had been high and "wasn't in his right mind."

Thompson was held on $50,000 bond Tuesday at the South Central Regional Jail. Jail records didn't indicate whether he had an attorney and no listed phone number was available.

Neighbor Lisa Powers said she bought the goat on Friday as a gift for her 4-year-old grandson, The Charleston Gazette reported. 

"The baby just loved him," she told The Gazette. "They told him that my goat was wandering around in Mark's house and he'd better come and get it," she said. "They called my nephew because he'd been there before." The nephew and two women went into Thompson's according to the criminal complaint, The Gazette reported.

From inside Thompson's closed bedroom, "he told them, 'Don't come in, I'm naked,'" Powers told The Gazette. "But they opened the door and he was standing there with his pants down. He had on women's clothing and the goat was dead and there was blood everywhere. It was just a scene."

Thompson ran out the door when the nephew asked him about the dead goat, according to the complaint. Police found him several hours later after searching the woods, The Gazette reported.

The police reported that Thompson said he had been on bath salts for about three days. 

Officers found the small gray and white goat wearing a pink collar lying dead on the floor, blood coming from its neck, according to the complaint, The Gazette reported. There was a pornographic magazine photo lying a few feet from the goat, the complaint said.

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I am really hoping this young feller received some kind of mental evaluation too!

The lesson here kiddies is if'n yer friends want to smoke up some bath salts- Walk away. Run if ya have to. As my momma would'a said, "If yer friends were eating dog turds would you?"

Now, I'm just wondering if the Animal Sex law will have any bearing on the case? Let me hear again it folks... why don't we use drugs?

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pic credit: Kanawha County Sheriffs Office


  1. Wasn't the cannibal guy on bath salts??


  2. Susie Yeah I believe they reported that as he was high on bath salts. I also read something that the guy was suffering from hydrophobia aka rabies. Haven't heard anything about that I don't even know if the guy survived that. :/

  3. Wasn't there also a case of a lady high on something demanding, ahem, oral sex from a man at knifepoint.. Drugs are indeed not very good for you....

  4. Hopefully he gets the same kind of help the goat did.


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