Thursday, October 30, 2014

Preparing For The Season

This short blog break has been good for the mind and the soul. I've called it a decluttering.

  • It first started as work picking up a little. Fall is here and a couple of folks needed help with some fall clean up. Saturday will start the official holiday season in the world of house cleaning. We'll get some extra work from those who want a nice holiday house cleaning.
  • Hunting season is here. Although we've not been out as much as we'd like to we have had the chance to walk God's wooded grocery store and boy what a twofer that has been. Out squirrel hunting, bagged a few and already scouted our spot for buck season, turkey and grouse. 
  • This years weather also produced a few garden late bloomers before the frost and freeze. I was able to can a couple of extra quarts of pickles along with five unexpected quarts of kraut. There were just enough peppers to make two extra jars of pepper jam. 

We are not planting a fall garden this year, I normally plant some greens, broccoli, cauliflower, winter squash, onions and snow peas in the fall. Some changing rules are making it tougher on those who abide by the rules.

I am already thinking about and planning the next growing season though. Has anyone had success with growing container veggies? Any ideas? Hints? We tried the topsy turvy tomatoes before which never produced any tomatoes. 

  • Got an abundant amount of hips this year. In case you are wondering. I was referring to rose hips. 
  • I have my herbs from the garden and wild herbs getting happy in oils and tinctures for the season.
  • Went hunting for wild asparagus. Unfortunately the state mowing beat us to most of the areas and mowed down entire crops. I don't have any wild asparagus for the freezer this year.
  • I pulled all the green tomatoes off the vines and have enough ripening for several more quarts.
  • This week I also made our snake juice. For those of you wondering, snake juice is an old time remedy passed down for the coming cold and flu season. 
What have you been able to do to prepare for the coming long winter season?

UPDATED With the recipe for Snake Juice. 
This is an oldy time remedy passed along. In our family it's been called Flu Shots.

Depending on your family size will determine the size of your container. This makes a gallon.

3 lemons sliced
1 onion sliced
48 ozs of honey
Blackberry Brandy
Peppermint Schnapps

1. Layer your jar alternating lemons and onion
2. Pour honey over the lemons and onions 
3. Pour in the alcohol and stir.
4. Refrigerate

To take: We take a tablespoon every night before bedtime. You can choose to take only when you feel the first symptoms of cold or flu. 
Safe for the kiddies. This recipe seems like a lot of alcohol to be safe for children. This is no more alcohol than you will find in over the counter children cold meds. Safe for the kiddies.

Hot Toddy
Cup of hot tea (preferably green tea, black or oolong, chamomile or peppermint)
1 Shot glass of lemon juice
1 Shot glass of honey
1 Shot glass of whiskey


  1. Wow, you've been busy! We've still got a few heads of lettuce in the garden, some beats, green onions and carrots, everything else is done. We got a ton of squash from the neighbors and we've got that put up, and as far as container veggies. We did tomato plants this year to give it a go and they did better than the tomatoes in the beds! We're doing mainly containers next year. And, are you gonna' share that snake juice recipe????

  2. WOW you've been busy yourself preparing! Thanks for the info on tomatoes in containers. Due to rule changes I'll be doing container gardens. We've only ever tried those topsy turvy things which yielded nothing.:/ LOL on the Snake Juice. Didn't think anyone would be interested but am posting it onto the blog. :)

  3. Thanks so much for the recipe. DEFINITELY getting this together today. How long does it keep GG? Does it need to be refrigerated??

  4. When we've made it, it didn't have a shelf time. :/
    According to today's standards they'd probably say six month shelf life. I've had it after a year and it's okay.

    Oh and yes refrigerate!!!

  5. Lord, it's been so long since I had squirrel....

  6. Hot Toddy!!!

    I love home-grown-canned foods. I just don't like doing the preserving.

    Happy Halloween Cindy.

  7. CW Didn't get as many as we'd have liked this year. :/ It's amazing we see them everywhere, until out in the woods. :/

    Dolorah Yep on the toddy!!!! Canning is definitely a lot of work!!! I can, freeze and dehydrate.


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