Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rednecks and Pregnancy

Smitty and Peaches got married and had a baby ery year after. Shortly after their 11th wedding anniversary their 11th baby was born before leaving the hospital to take the baby home Smitty pulls the doc aside and tells him that they want to stop having babies but didn't know right sure what was causing them in the first place.
The doc tells Smitty, "Well I suggest covering up yer organ each and ery'time before you make love."
Well it wasn't but a coupla months later and Peaches is pregnant with her twelfth child. At the doctors office the doc looks at Smitty and says, "Didn't you cover the organ?"
Smitty says, "Well doc that there's the problem. See we don't have an organ but I did throw the blanket over the piano ery time." 

Pic credit: Pinterest
WV Joke


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