Friday, October 3, 2014

'Round Here: Martinsburg After the Insurgence of Transplants

I live in an area of West Virginia in the Eastern Panhandle that has been bombarded by what we call the transplants. Transplants are people from other states. They came in here about 3-4 decades ago with their big ideas and ideals for this area. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike all of 'em. Not all transplants are bad. 

Years ago our politicians welcomed all of this into our county and now stand there with freaking
stupid looks on their faces when confronted with, what are you going to about all the crime and drugs here? AND If that isn't bad enough actually act surprised or stupefied at the matter when talking to them about it. Seriously, they look at ya like, "Rhut are rue ralk'in 'bout Raggy" looks on their faces.

There is only so much someone could do with 322 sq miles of land and their ideal's of IF YOU BUILD IT THEY WILL COME haven't always been good for us. They're talking about a minor league baseball team fer us here to add to all the rest of the kerfuffle.

Now decades later  Berkeley County was just named to the list of High Drug Trafficking In The Country

Just another thing to be proud of living here!!!!! I tell ya with that headline news out I'm glad we're all on the same page. It's not new news. Those of us living here have been aware of it for decades now!!!!

Changes they said were needed. I agree some of em have been good. The rest not so and changed this sleepy little town alright and not fer the good of things. 

When they took down the signs that read, Wild and Wonderful West Virginia and hung this'un up...

That says, Open for Business things jest took an out of control spiral downwards 'round here in this community. 
  1. Our farms seemed to dwindle away. One more will probably go because they need another road from Exit 12 to Exit 13 to relieve traffic congestion from another new shopping center there.
  2. Many of our factories closed shop. I posted about that. Most are just skeleton buildings while others have been burned to the ground.
  3. Our skating rink became a stripper pole club. These types of clubs popped up danged near everywhere here.
  4. Bars and Nightclubs are now not even safe to go to. They're getting over run with thug types. Ya can't even go out dancing on a Friday or Saturday night without fear of being stabbed or shot. Most of em probably won't last because of the No Smoking Ban though.
  5. Big city crimes in small towns and cities. Everyday is another reminder 'round here with little hoodlums and gangster wanna be types with their gangster type crimes, dealin those drugs out like candy, steal'in whatever isn't nailed down. Cleaning it up now will take lots of money. Money tax payers don't right have. We've been taxed enough already.
  6. The transplants, driving their fancy cars 'round here with out of state plates on em, most of'em renting fancy houses and not paying their fair share of taxes, meanwhile mine keeps goin right on up. 
  7. Transplants who drop their kids off at schools here with those out of state plates meanwhile the taxes and the impact fees for those of us living here legally are 'goin through the roof.
  8. When the vote came up for school levy and won the transplants were part of the vote, yet they don't pay their fair share and I'm 'bout sick of it! 
When I read about them folks want'in to take back their neighborhoods I jest want my town back. Of course that can never happen now. So we (the hubby and I) just plan fer the future. West Virginia will no doubt always be home, but jest not here. 

Today most of my kin moved clean outta this state starting in late 70's and through the 90's. Siblings and cousins parted ways and moved elsewhere. I can't half blame'em now. When they come back ta visit they don't right understand what happened here. This town isn't the same town they knew and once loved. They've said it's a nice town to visit but they'd never come back to live here.

Now this is jest my opinion but I think Martinsburg is the poster child for what happens with that word Progress. We've learned that too much of it isn't always a good thing. 

The tax payers here can only afford a small police force so with all the crime that came in here with all that progress we need a police force the size of a metropolitan area but our taxes can't afford it. 

We're only in my early fifties. The hubby and I already talk'in 'bout and planing our retirement years. Of course that is if we're lucky and don't have to work up clean up till our nineties or till the day they throw the last shovel o' dirt. We've already told the kids, we ain't a stay'in here. Right now the hubby's job is the only thing keep'in our feet planted here. I've gotta long bucket list of places I want ta visit in West Virginia and haven't yet. Someday I may call one of those places HOME!!! I promise ta share that list.

No matter where my feet roam West Virginia will always be home.

 Now that I've gotten all of this outta my system I guess you're be happy to hear that next week I'll be back to my happy normal self.

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  1. I'm a transplant. I doubt I'd piss you off, since I'm pretty much a hermit.


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