Friday, November 14, 2014

Blog It Forward: Welcome To Me

Today is Friday and amazingly I have kept on track somewhat this week. Today is the day I share a Blog Spotlight for Blog It Forward. 

Today's pick is going out to Ruth and her blog 

I love this blog. Ruth is witty and funny. She can also be downright honest and gets right to the truth without sugar coating it! She is frugal and thrifty and also has some very tasty recipes over there on her page, Ruth's Yummy Stuff  is full of delicious recipes. I've tried a couple of her gluten free recipes. Just in case you've never stopped by her blog, Her blog boasts, 

My Photo
"I am moody, but what woman isn't? I live in the country in Iowa where I have the freedom to plant a tree in my yard where I want. I have a not better half and a teenage daughter. Oh and cats and a turtle.

Ruth has been blogging for awhile. I went way back to 2010 to find I Don't Need No Stinkin Tips a funny and insightful post on tips to save money.

"So, I signed up for a newsletter a few days back on being thrifty. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess that maybe I'll learn something else I don't know. But, two days in and I am already wondering about my thinking on the day I signed up.
Day 1 tip.
Go a day without spending money. No coffee, no lunch out. Take everything with you. And no shopping.
That's not a tip. That is common sense.
Every one knows that the best way to save money is not to spend money. Isn't that the way it is supposed to go?
Second tip was to clean out your closet for consignment or donate them for a tax deduction. And don't put clothes into a monthly budget. You don't need to buy clothes monthly. Again something I already know.
In fact, I can go years without buying new clothes. Course I am not a fashion diva. But, I do clean up OK, anyway. Maybe I need to start a newsletter on thrifty tips. How hard can it be?
Don't spend money today.
Don't buy clothes this month.
Walk across the street to the store, instead of driving.
Save by not buying kleenex. Blow your nose on toilet paper. Or save more, by using your hand.
I know the last was icky, but I just HAD to go there. See, I have some fabulous ideas. They're all just up there churning around dying to get out."


Hoping you'll stop by and visit her blog

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pic credit: Ruth @ Welcome To Me
Blog Blurb: Welcome To Me
Book Cover Ruth @ Welcome To Me and Amazon
She also released a cookbook this year. Ruth's Yummy Stuff: Dips Cookbook. Ruth's Yummy Stuff: Dips is the debut cookbook of author Ruth Pearson. It is a collection of dips and spreads destined to delight your taste buds. Included is a picture for every recipe. They are great for taking to parties or just enjoying at home. 

Her cookbook is available on Amazon Kindle and also in paperback form,. 


  1. I forgot all about that post.
    You are so sweet! Thank you. And you mentioned my book.

  2. Thank you for always introducing us to new bloggers :) Have a super weekend!!

  3. She sounds like a hoot. I'll have to visit.

  4. She sounds like a really fun blogger. I'm looking for a few more non-writers to follow :-)


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