Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: Girl Done Gone Mad

I am trying to get back into the same blogging routine this week. Maybe this is a sign that I am actually catching up on all the craziness that life has been offering me lately. Today is Tuesday which means time again for another Oh No They Diin't. I will file this one in with Women Behaving Badly. This here lil story does not represent all the ladies from this state. This chick has done gone and lost her mind.

So, today's goody is from Jackson County, W.Va. straight outta the Smoking Gun Files. This is the first and so far the only police investigation recorded of it's kind. WARNING: Rated R

pic from Smoking Gun
"Melissa Williams, 41, is facing assault and weapons charges after allegedly waving a knife at two men who declined her demands to engage in sexual conduct at a motor inn. According to the police report Williams--who lives four doors down from her estranged husband at the 77 Motor Inn--showed up at his door and asked Danny Williams and another man to “eat my pussy.” At this point, Williams, pictured in the mug shot at right, “commenced to undress herself,” reported to Deputy Ross Mellinger

Danny Williams “declined the invitation,” but another man, Adam Watson, told cops that he “agreed to perform at her request.” However, as Watson approached Williams, “he became overwhelmed by horrible vaginal odor emitting from Melissa Williams.” Watson, understandably, “declined to proceed any further.”
This is when Melissa Williams allegedly “produced a lock-back folding knife,” opened it, and pointed the weapon at her estranged husband. She then reportedly uttered a line never before memorialized in a police report: “Somebody is going to eat my pussy or I’m going to cut your fucking throat.”
When Deputy Mellinger arrived on the scene he observed Williams--who, like the two men, appeared to be intoxicated--nude from the waist down. After pocketing a knife that was on the coffee table in front of Williams, Mellinger arrested her for domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon.
Williams, who was released from jail after posting $3000 bond, is next due in Jackson County Magistrate Court on February 16". ~The Smoking Gun

After this I can't even imagine the cop who was taking the report for this one. Note: Does Not represent ALL women from the state

Resources for this post:
The Police Report 
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Pic Credit and Story The Smoking Gun


  1. Ew....shudder and cringe. But I laughed, too. This is beyond crazy.

  2. Shelly I think I had the same reaction and the worst of it is she lives in this state. :/ I'm starting to think that everyone needs to stop breeding for awhile.

  3. Take a shower woman. then see if some eating doesn't get done. Gads, I would not have wanted to be that officer, poor dear.

  4. Sometimes, I really wonder what happened to WVa.

  5. Looks alone probably deterred the men.

  6. L Diane, not if they were sufficiently drunk. But rankness? That'll stop the motor, slam it in reverse, and send it hurtling through the next wall!

  7. This story makes me seriously wonder about this state. I mean is it the drugs? Is it that our citizens are just this dumbed down? I don't even know and I live here. I can say if this is the way of the future generations God Help Us All here in West Virginia!!!!!

  8. This is the one I saw sometime ago. I can't help but laugh, it truly is one of those WTF did I just read-moments....

  9. I just don't even know what to say.


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