Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Oh No They Di'int: Let's Pretend I'm A Hillbilly

Today is Tuesday and that means time once again for another Oh No They Di'int. For the past couple of months I've been calling out the stories in West Virginia. I'm switching it up this week with a story from several hundreds of miles from the state of West Virginia to the headline that should have read Entire Town Shut Down and Now Walking On Egg Shells

Now I am not trying to be an insensitive a$$hole here. I just need someone to explain a couple of things. Pretend for a minute that I'm a hillbilly wink wink For instance:


The dash and grabs, flash mobs whatever they're called. How can running in and robbing and stealing from Shanaenae's Hairweave Emporium or Don Ho's Corner Liquor store and burning down the town and all of the acts of this type of behavior even be justified? What exactly is the unemployment rate in that town anyway?

That people have time to stand and wait in protest awaiting the results of the hearing? The last time around I saw them running with televisions, computers from Best Buy, cellphones stolen from the Apple store. Not work boots or work clothes! Now it's like the entire town is being held hostage.

The Police:
Now I don't know about other towns, but 'round here the cops don't make social calls anymore. Just look how those calls go down when someone calls the cops because they only have 19 pieces of McNuggets but paid for the 20 piece meal.
Maybe back in the day when they saw someone on the street intoxicated they gave them a ride home. Not anymore! Now... you get escorted in a car with bright flashy lights to a place where an orange jumpsuit with a number will be your new attire. At least for 24 hours until you sober up and realize that you weren't at the K-Mart Blue Light Special!
We don't have Andy and Barney protecting the town like back in the day. This country is far from being Mayberry or how it was many years ago. Protect and Serve has changed!

Hello not sure if you've noticed but  our police in this country are very, very different. They act very different now. They dress different and they are training just like the military now.

Several years ago we were pulled over for a headlight out and I swear it was this look alike feller

Robocop that appeared at the drivers side window asking for driver's license, registration and proof of insurance.
You may not agree but a lot of things have changed in this country since those folks rolled in from Canada and started what became known as The  Occupy Movement. Ever since they showed up then suddenly one day some other fellers just showed up to that protest party...

That was also the same time that the police in my little ole' town here in WV received a big black armored military looking Sherman Tank vehicle as a gift. We are a small town in America. Why do we need a Sherman tank? This town is so small if they fired anything out of it, it would reach the other side of the county! Many of us still wonder just what the hell is the armored tank for? Right now it's only used in parades.

'Round here you know it's pretty bad when The Price Is Right rolls into town and only stays for one round!!!

Just who the hell is running the country anyway?

Once again the town is under a state of emergency and the National Guards have been called in. Just what do people think this means when they get into town?
They weren't called in for a social call or for a tea party that's for sure! Especially since the last time it was made known that the known terror group ISIS/ISIL was attending the party.

Yesterday some folks got all crazy and nuts over a comment I made to another news story about the Surprise NFL Checks and Balancing Act when I commented: Hmmm!!! I wonder now if we got together with some neighbors throw a huge tailgate party I wonder if we could get them to show up to bust those known drug houses in the neighborhood?

There is so much that doesn't make sense. I don't understand. So, I guess while I'm waiting I'll just be sitting here with this crowd of folks...

Pic credits:
Freaking News
Condescending Wonka Memes
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Jake Tapper of CNN


  1. A great many people have been aware of this change in how the police act in our country for a long time. I can't say I am one of them. My awareness of this Problem is fairly new. I know some people who follow blogs and/or news sites that are fairly well dedicated to illustrating how out of control (aka militarized) the police have become. As you say, why is taxpayer money funding tanks for small towns (unless they are preparing for a military state somewhere in the future?). It's scary stuff when you delve into it.

  2. I posted this a while back on HERE'S TO YOU, but I don't think you saw it...

  3. Your police force has a tank? Who do they think is going to invade, anyway?

  4. Honestly, I think it's a wonder the police aren't squirrelier than they are with the level of asshattery the public shows these days. I don't know what they might use the tank for... but I don't blame 'em for wanting one.

  5. Robin I agree! So much has changed and likely due to the changing society. :/
    I am also a lil behind in the reading and catching up commenting. :( I promise I'm trying to catch up!

    Alex LOL yeah I felt the same way after seeing that thing. :/

    CW- I agree! The really bad thing is that everyone in society gets treated the same even though all of us aren't bad. :(

  6. Places all over the country are getting military stuff, compliments of the Pentagon. It's insane. Common sense fell by the wayside long ago.


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